Begum Jaan (2017)

2 hrs 14 mins | Drama, Action | 14 April, 2017

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Play Entertainment, Vishesh Films


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By | 14 April, 2017

One line Review: Begum Jaan, the brothel owner along with her girls tries to save their home from the burning fire of the partition.

Positive Points: The strong performance of Vidya Balan and other supporting actors work for the film.

Negative Points: The intensity and the seriousness of the storyline is somewhere lost in the overly dramatic presentation. There ... full Begum Jaan Review

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Begum Jaan (Vidya Balan), owner of the brothel is a fierce and stubborn woman who is concerned with only one thing and that is 'dhanda'. Although, she is a strong woman but also has a softer streak for her girls ... full Plot

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Hindustan Times

Sir Cyril Radcliffe probably didn't think about the misery the line, which was named after him that divided Indian and Pakistan after partition, would bring upon the people living closer to it. Or, maybe the unethical British Empire saved its most potent weapon for the last. The Radcliffe Line divided one nation into three parts: East Pakistan, West Pakistan and India.  

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