2 hrs 28 mins | Thriller 17 March, 2017
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Racer Sarah falls in love with Ransh who is has a mystery about his past and tries to take her life for an cagy purpose.
As Sarah Thapar
As Aditya
As Serena Altar
As Balraj Thapar, Sarah's father
As Kris Altar
By Meghana Pawar - March 17, 2017

One line Review: A film where random things happen for random reasons, a story that defies all logic come what may!

Positive Points: The cars and the picturesque locales. Car racing scenes are shot and captured well.

Negative Points: Why did they make the film and waste the budge if they did not have a proper script in the first place? Why all the loss of time, energy and effort!

Plot: Sarah (Kiara Advani) and Ransh (Mustafa) study in the same college. Sarah is a beautiful girl and many guys admire her. One of the admirers is her best friend Aditya (Eshan Shankar). Aditya decides to propose ... full Machine Review


Sarah (Kiara Advani) and Ransh (Mustafa) study in the same college. Sarah is a beautiful girl and many guys admire her. One of the admirers is her best friend Aditya (Eshan Shanker). Aditya decides to propose Sarah is ... full Plot

By Jaidev Hemmady (1/5)

Directors Abbas and Mustan are known for their pacy and slick thrillers and from Khiladi to Baazigar to the Race series, their films have always been welcomed with open arms by viewers. However, with their latest outing Machine, they are sure to undo all their past efforts. The only good thing that can be said about this film is that the makers have not been stingy when it comes to the budget... so you have exotic locales, snazzy cars, great sets and bedazzling costumes. However, if you keep all the aforesaid points aside, the film has absolutely nothing to make it worth your while.

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By Shaheen Parkar (1/5)

This is the kind of film that makes you wonder, "What was on the makers' minds when they thought of it?" The type when the audience laughs in sheer disbelief. Abbas-Mustan had a reason close to their heart to make 'Machine', as it marks the debut of Abbas's son, Mustafa. But sadly, it has turned out to be a heartless effort. High on style, low in substance, no troubleshooting can help this 'Machine'.

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By Vishal Verma (1/5)

That's it. Look no further. The year's most unreal and surreal piece of chunk (strangely which has got mistaken as cinema) is here. Fear and torture come with different names and this time it's the Burmawalla duo - Abbas Abbas-Mustan's MACHINE. sink zap zoom... a bala by the name Sarah ( Kiara Advani) rescues the ansh ( read son of Abbas from the Abbas Mustan duo - Mustafa ) called by the name Ransh in the movie from an accident and we witness the most unconvincing example of love at first sight. Believe it or not, the erstwhile popular mystery and crime genre entertainers of Bollywood - the acclaimed Men in White (Burmawalla Brothers - Abbas Mustan) are certain to land their viewers in such a miserable plight.

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By Adnan

Better than any average film..both are very talented actors...all the songs in the movies are good.. and kiara is looking so gorgeous in all the songs..this movies hve everything action..romance betrayal including best location...

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