Sachin: A Billion Dreams (2017)

2 hrs 19 mins | Biographical | 26 May, 2017

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200 Not Out, Carnival Motion Pictures
A documentary on the life of Cricketing God Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar narrated by Sachin himself.


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By | 26 May, 2017

One line Review: Inspiring is a small word…Sachin is not a name it’s an emotion of billions of Indians!

Positive Points: It’s a documentary style filming and you get to know your cricketing God personally. It is great that they decided to keep it this way rather than choosing the ... full Sachin: A Billion Dreams Review

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Sachin Tendulkar's story, right from his childhood days is displayed on the big screen for his fans to cherish. Sachin's story begins when he was a notorious child and how his sister gifts him his ... full Plot

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The year was 2009. Stand-up comedy was barely a crawl in India, and from those pioneering early sets performed late at night in Bombay, I remember only one gag. At the time, bullying politicians were divisively calling for Maharashtrian signboards everywhere and for 'outsiders' to leave, going against the welcoming heart of maximum city. It was in this charged atmosphere that a bright young comic called Rohan Joshi said he, as a Maharashtrian wounded by this communality, would nevertheless offer a couple of words on behalf of Maharashtrians everywhere. The night was full of barely amused and judgemental drinkers, and Joshi was very, very green, but with two words he brought the house down, rousingly and immediately. "Sachin Tendulkar."  

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