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Total Siyapaa (2014)

1 hrs 55 mins | Drama, Comedy | 07 March, 2014
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It's a cross border love tale that's been depicted in quite different angle, which is humor. A girl coming from a typical hardcore patriotic Punjabi family falls in a mess after getting involved in a relationship with a Pakistani guy. Now the couple faces a tough task to present their marriage proposal to her family who is in complete oppose to their relationship; creating turmoil.

One Line Review: Laughter ka "Siyapaa"

Positive Points: Brilliant script, suitable star cast, amazing music & hats off performance by Kiran Kher along with Anupam Kher and Ali Zafar

Negative Points: The humor could have taken a level par with such an amazing script. Even could have waved off the viewers with an interesting end making them walk back for a second round.

Plot: Settled on the lands of ... full Review


An Indian girl Asha (Yami Gautam) falls for a Pakistani musician Aman (Ali Zafar). Getting deeply involved in each other the couple decides to tie the knot but, here stands the biggest hurldle, to convince ... full Plot

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