A Tribute to Salman Khan with 'Thanks Salman Khan For Being Human'

3D Animated character stylized as Salman Khan to play in Dhoom 4 like Video by The Beginning Productions!

By Amol S. Malkar - May 18, 2017

Salman Khan is one name that rightfully rules the Bollywood and holds significant importance in the industry. And this status is not just because of the kind of business his movies makes at the box office or the kind of fandom he has. It’s also because of how good he is as a person and the kind of philanthropy work he does via “Being Human Foundation”, besides entertaining the masses.

Though fans already go head-over-hills to show their admiration for him, but a fan club name ‘Lolly Pop Kids Club’ produced a 3D animated video series, dedicated to Salman Khan, titled 'Thanks, Salman Khan For Being Human' under The Beginning Productions, to pay tribute for his kind service to the humanity.

A Tribute to Salman Khan with 'Thanks Salman Khan For Being Human'

The video features an animated character ‘Pop,’ styled like Salman Khan, with his trademark Blue Bracelet, having fun, jaywalking, performing bike stunts, teasing cops but eventually end up with a happy ending on a good message. Apparently, makers of this video thought, since news of Salman playing a character in the fourth installment of Dhoom franchise, why not tune our character as Salman Khan to pay him homage. Whole video series, produced by ‘Lolly Pop Kids Club’ will be released soon.

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