Trailer alert: New Baywatch Trailer, and it’s R-Rated!

Thriller, Crime, Beauty and the Beach, the New Baywatch Trailer covers all!

By Amol S. Malkar - May 18, 2017

Fans around the world are excited for the adaptation of Baywatch television series into a feature packed film and a Bollywood fan got one more beautiful reason to be excited, Priyanka Chopra! And much to the fan’s expectation, Paramount Pictures India recently dropped a new R-rated trailer to all the fans who are eagerly waiting for its release and also for those who are still finding reasons to book tickets.

Trailer alert: New Baywatch Trailer, and it’s R-Rated!

Despite being a Hollywood film, it has all the elements of any masala Bollywood film, except Bollywood-songs, which they ‘sort-of’ tried to make up with Miami-Beach montage, which does the trick. Director Seth Gordon maintains elements like choppy one-liner, scenes that keeps you curious about it crime thriller plot, DMX’s ‘Where the Hood at’ track in background to keep excitement up, Buddy-cop goofy chemistry between Dwayne and Zack Efron, so much swearing and the whole lot of F-bombs, since it is R-rated trailer. Though Bollywood fans would be still left wanted for more for Priyanka, but at least it has Rock the Dwayne Johnson.

The movie is set to release on 19th May in theaters across the country, and it would be exciting to see if film match up to the expectations, which are already hiked up by this trailer.

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