Trailer Out: A Dark Tale of Passion and Mystery - Shab

Director Onir come back with a story that depicts Love and its friction with life, Shab Trailer released!

By Amol S. Malkar - May 17, 2017

Trailer Out: A Dark Tale of Passion and Mystery - Shab

With Director Onir’s trademark way of storytelling, Shab Trailer speaks about aspiration, ambition, integrity, passion, infidelity, deceit and life’s struggle in a chaotic race to achieve success and live the dreams. The trailer beautifully depicts person’s hustle for their strong beliefs to be successful and to live happily while getting beaten up in emotional and psychological ferment.

Some movies are clearly meant to change your perception and outlook of what you see in general light and Director Onir does know it, without being preachy in the audience. Onir did make a comeback after a long halt and it looks most promising film of the season. Not just direction, Onir also is producing this film with Sanjay Suri for Anticlock Films, WSG Pictures, and Surya Entertainment!

It features an ensemble cast including Raveena Tandon in bossiest character, Ashish Bisht being aspirational in chaos, Arpita Chatterjee swaying on turmoil in relationship front, along with other performers like Simon Frenay, Areesz Ganddi, Raj Suri and also Shray Rai Tiwari.

The film is set to release on 30th June, hoping to get treated with a fresh storyline and great performances.

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