The Filmmaker Sajo Sundar Interview: I’ll donate the profit of my film ‘X-Videos’ to government schools to make toilets for girls!

After working on many hit Tamil films in the capacity of associate directors, Sajo Sundar is making his directorial debut with the controversial bilingual film, X-Videos.

By Mohnish Singh - August 10, 2017

Sajo Sundar has lived a life full of struggles. He wanted to change his fortune by setting up a business, but the lack of adequate funds killed his dreams in the bud. He then went onto try his hands in the Tamil film industry. It was there he found his true calling. After assisting the distinguished screenwriter, Mr Ashok Kumar, he worked as an associate director on successful films like Kanagavel Kaakka, Singam and Bangalore Naatkal. Like many associate directors, now Mr Sundar is also graduating to become an independent director with the upcoming film X-Videos. BollywoodMDB Reporter, Mohnish Singh, catches up with the director for a candid conversation. Excerpts…

The Sajo Sundar Interview: I’ll donate the profit of my film ‘X-Videos’ to government schools to make toilets for girls!
Sajo Sundar

Tell us something about yourself?

My name is Sajo Sundar. I am a commercial filmmaker. Before making my debut as an independent filmmaker, I worked as an associate and co-director with well-known filmmakers down south and did films like Kanagavel Kaakka, Singam and Bangalore Naatkal. These films were received well by the audience.

I always wanted to make an out and out commercial, enjoyable and entertaining movie. But I was never in a hurry. I am very patient as an individual. And when I got the perfect idea, I decided to make my first film as an independent director. The name of my debut film is X-Videos.

So, where did you get the idea from to make this film?

As I told you that I always wanted to make a commercial and entertaining film. I was in search of an interesting idea which I finally found when, one day, I saw an obscene video clip on the internet. I could not believe my eyes. It startled me to no end. The video clip that I saw had my close friend’s wife featuring in it almost nude. I got the shock of my life. I could not think for a moment. I could not understand that how did that even happen. Till now I have not tell my friend about the video. It is still on the internet.

The incident led me glean more information about the slimy and murky world of X-Videos. I started my own research and got to know about many more such incidences where couples capture their private moments through their mobile phones and later these videos got circulated in the public either by one of the partners or by some other ways. God knows! Within blink of an eye, these videos become available on the porn websites. It was then I decided to make a commercial movie on this. This film does not sensationalize the issue. It spreads the awareness about such incidences and cautions us as a society to be more alert. As a part of the society, it is my social responsibility to make people aware of such dirty things.

In an article I read that the Censor Board Of Film Certification has refused to give certificate to the film. What is the whole matter?

They have not refused to give the certificate. On the other hand, they have appreciated my movie. But we have some differences. They want us to chop off certain scenes. I cannot do that because if I do so, the whole essence of my story will be gone. I am demanding to retain all scenes and shots. See, this is a film about pornography. I am showing what is happening in our society. I am not depicting anything which the audience may feel offended with. All the scenes which they are asking me to cut are backbone of my film. I cannot remove them.

In case they don’t comply with your demand and refuse to certify the film, what will you do?

I will do what every other filmmaker does in this situation. The last option with me is to screen my film at film festivals across the globe. There are no rules and regulations on the internet. I can release it there also. But I am hopeful things will be sorted out soon.

Have you made this film to create awareness or make quick money considering the fact that you have chosen a very sensational topic?

After recovering my budget, I will donate all the surplus money to the welfare of my country. I have made this film only for spreading awareness. This could happen with anyone. I am not running after money. I have my whole life to make money. I am thinking of donating all the extra money to government schools for making toilets, especially for the girl students.

Is X Videos a bilingual film?

Yes, it is a bilingual film. We simultaneously shot it in Tamil in Hindi. I wanted to shoot it in English also, but I did not have enough money to do so.

How comfortable are you with Hindi?

I am learning it. After five or six month, it will be better for sure.

What is next after X-Videos?

It all depends how this film fares at the box office. I have a couple of interesting ideas in mind. Let’s see which idea I sketch out.

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