5 Weddings Reviews (Top Critics)

By Udita Jhunjhunwala (2/5)

Lured by the prospect of taking over as the editor of an American magazine, journalist Shania Dhaliwal (Nargis Fakhri) travels from California to India in order to cover five Indian weddings. Clearly, Shania did not spend too much time on pre-production or research because the five Punjabi weddings - which, as per brief, should be neither slumdog nor millionaire - do not captivate her imagination as much as the hijras that dance at weddings do.

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By Nandini Ramnath (2/5)

Namrata Singh Gujral's 5 Weddings finds a clever way to weave together rituals with observational comedy. The movie stars Rajkummar Rao as Harbhajan, a Chandigarh police inspector saddled with ensuring that visiting American journalist Shania (Nargis Fakhri) doesn't get up to any trouble. Shania is half-Indian and half-American, and has been assigned by her fashion website to do a story on Indian wedding ceremonies.

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By Saibal Chatterjee (1.5/5)

Big fat Indian weddings are over-hyped, over-exposed affairs in popular culture thanks to bloated - and repeated - Bollywood renditions. They are the worst thing that an Indian-American filmmaker can single out as a marker of her ethnic roots. So it is for Los Angeles-based fashion journo Shania Dhaliwal (Nargis Fakhri), the female protagonist of Namrata Singh Gujral's first directorial feature, 5 Weddings, an inert comedy of manners done in by a pedestrian premise.

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