Love Aaj Kal Reviews (Top Critics)
By Anupama Chopra

Love Aaj Kal is a confounding film about confused people. Perhaps writer-director Imtiaz Ali was attempting to have the storytelling reflect the emotions of his leads. The result is an unholy mess.

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By Umesh Punwani (3.5/5)

To an extension to Imtiaz's universe, Veer (Kartik Aaryan) and Zoe (Kartik Aaryan) are one of the most complicated characters he has ever penned. They aren't complicated for what they do, they're for what they don't. An always confused yet true to his heart Veer isn't your run-of-the-mill hero, he's just your routine person who believes true love exists. He feels Zoe, a girl with a plan set until her retirement, is his soulmate and decides to stalk.

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By Rajeev Masand (1.5/5)

With Love Aaj Kal starring Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan, which is a sort-of remake of his own film of the same name from eleven years ago, Imtiaz Ali has done what few believed was even possible - he's made a love story that might be more indulgent, contrived, and incoherent than When Harry Met Sejal. And that's saying something.

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By Bollywood Hungama (3/5)

LOVE AAJ KAL is the story that tackles the ever-changing dynamic of being in and finding love. Veer (Kartik Aaryan) and Zoe (Sara Ali Khan) are based in Delhi and they meet one night at a nightclub. Both attempt to get intimate but Veer backs off at the last minute. Veer however realises Zoe is special to him. He finds out that she works from a co-working space. He also lands up there.

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By Devesh Sharma (3/5)

Imtiaz Ali loves love stories. He has fallen in love with the idea of narrating his version of love. What you're searching is inside you, said Rumi or some other Eastern philosopher. The problem with such a world view is that when you try to explain to the world what you're seeking, you often fail to translate your thoughts into words, or tunes or images or whatever your chosen artistic medium might be.

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By Nandini Ramnath (1.5/5)

What is this thing called love? The question has exercised the imagination of philosophers ("Love is the joy of the good, the wonder of the wise, the amazement of the Gods": Plato) and pop lyricists ("What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more": Haddaway). Imtiaz Ali has spent nearly his entire career looking for the answer.

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Hindustan Times
By Monika Rawal Kukreja

First thought that comes to your mind after watching Imtiaz Ali's Valentine's Day offering, Love Aaj Kal is what could have prompted the filmmaker to tell a decade old story again, with modern characters who are messed up, uncertain and frivolous? Or was it just a mindless decision to cash in on the craze his lead pair - Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan - generated ever since Sara expressed her wish to 'date' Kartik, on Koffee With Karan?

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The Indian Express
By Shubhra Gupta (1.5/5)

If you had apprehensions about a brand new film being called by an old name, made by the same director, you were right. If you thought that despite this apparent lack of imagination, this 2.0 'Love Aaj Kal' would fly, you were wrong. Imtiaz Ali's latest version of romance in this-day-and-that age, is nothing but an incoherent mess.

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By Sukanya Verma (1.5/5)

Imtiaz Ali is a creature of habit. He doesn't seek change, there's no comfort in it. Denial excites him as does escape. His characters are love fools bidding time questioning the very mush they believe in or running away to far-flung places in pursuit of answers they knew all along.

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By Anna M.M. Vetticad

Great film romances have the power to make a cynical viewer believe and become so invested in the characters on screen as to yearn for their union. Imtiaz Ali's Love Aaj Kal redux had the opposite effect on me: it drove me to turn my back on my Gandhian principles and long to smack its ensemble of leads - Zoe, Veer, Raghu and Leena - across the face, then yank them off screen, thus to end the agony of watching this mind-numbing film.

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The Hindu
By Namrata Joshi

There are some defined elements to identify any Imtiaz Ali film with. Journeys to self discovery and true love has been a perennial metaphor, in films like Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met and Jab Harry Met Sejal. Another arc is that of commitment-phobia, the angst accompanying the now on-now off relationship and the idea of a robotic work self pitted against one's true actualisation.

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By Vishal Verma (1.5/5)

The structure is the same. Veer (Kartik) and Zoe (Sara) meet at a nightclub. What begins as a one night stand turns into a confused affair where the Zoe's ambition makes it impossible for her to commit while Veer still believes in old school of love. So you know what will happen. But there is Randeep Hooda who runs a cafe 'Mazi' and is the mentor - cum- guide cum navigator cum friend who makes Veer and especially Zoe identify their emotion through his love story - Raghu ( Kartik again) and Leena (Aarushi Sharma ).

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The Times Of India
By Ronak Kotecha (3/5)

Twenty-two-year-old Zoe Chauhan (Sara Ali Khan) is averse to a serious long term relationship. She wants to have fun with no strings attached and pursue her career. But another love story from the past makes her question her own choices.

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By Saibal Chatterjee (3/5)

Time and tide wait for none. Sure. But neither does the tortuous, perplexing course of love in writer-director Imtiaz Ali's Love Aaj Kal, a Sufi-spirited inheritor of the world of his 2009 film of the same name. It places temporality at the centre of the universe as two courting couples - one in 1990 Udaipur, the other in 2020 Delhi - struggle to hold on to the opportunities that life offers them but make a hash of it.

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