Kabir Singh Reviews (Top Critics)

By Komal Nahta

Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor) studies in a medical college in Delhi. He is a super-bright student but his biggest minus point is that he is unable to control his anger. He falls madly in love with Preeti (Kiara Advani), a junior in the same college. He becomes so obsessed with her at first sight itself that he warns all boys of the college to not mess around with her. Since everyone in the college is aware of his temper, they steer clear of Preeti.

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By Gayatri Nirmal (3.5/5)

How deep can you dive in love? How far can you go for it? Can love hamper you and your career? Is love a distraction? If these questions pop into your mind, then Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani's Kabir Singh is the answer for you. The love story is not limited to what is shown in the trailer; there's more to what meets the eye. Shahid Kapoor plays the titular character of Kabir Singh, who is an outstanding student, brilliant surgeon, and who deals with anger management issues.

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By Devesh Sharma (3/5)

Kabir Singh is the official remake of the 2017 Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. Shahid Kapoor reprises Vijay Deverakonda's role as a brilliant but self-destructive surgeon who descents into alcoholism and drug abuse when his girlfriend Preeti (Kiara Advani) is forcibly married to someone else.

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By Tushar P Joshi (4/5)

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani's Kabir Singh has finally hit the theatres today. The Arjun Reddy remake has been much looked out for by many and the build-up to the release was packed with trailer and song releases. With some great chartbuster numbers in the album of the Hindi remake, this one will be a treat for Shahid Kapoor's fans as the actor has literally unleashed the professional within him.

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Sandeep Reddy Vanga's 'Kabir Singh', is a Hindi remake of the director's own 2017 Telugu blockbuster 'Arjun Reddy'. Shahid Kapoor steps into Vijay Devarakonda's shoes - in a wrenching portrait of a man whose life has fallen apart. Messy hair, untidy beard, gulping down alcohol straight from the bottle and puffing on cigarettes - much like the original, this Shahid Kapoor-starrer follows the same plotline.

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By Rahul Desai

Given that awful people make for great stories, Kabir Singh should have been the greatest film ever made. But it isn't. Far from it, actually. Because Kabir Singh is a terrible man, a monstrous lover, a thankless friend, a futile son, an ungrateful brother...but he isn't a tragedy. Or at least his creator doesn't think he is. He isn't the first hypermasculine jerk to be romanticized on screen and he won't be the last.

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By Rajeev Masand (2/5)

Exhibit A. There's a scene in the new Shahid Kapoor starrer Kabir Singh in which a domestic help accidentally breaks a glass while cleaning the protagonist's house. The next moment he's chasing her down flights of stairs like a man possessed, capable of anything. This scene is played for laughs.

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By Bollywood Hungama (4/5)

KABIR SINGH is the story of a heartbroken man on the path of self-destruction. Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor) is a top ranked medical student from a Delhi medical school. He is hot tempered and once during a football match, he gets into physical altercation with a rival college student named Amit (Amit Sharma). The college Dean (Adil Hussain) asks him to tender an apology or else he'll be fired.

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By Sukanya Verma (2/5)

Is it important to like a character to like a film? Morality is not an issue. I can accept vile mad men and perverse bigots at the centre of a story or sensationalism. I'll happily root for evil if it's clever and compelling. But I find it difficult to wrap my head around toxic machismo. Least of all reel in its romanticism.

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By Umesh Punwani (4/5)

Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor) is one angry young man but he's also a brilliant surgeon & a topper of his college. In a flashback sequence, we know about what led him to this path of self-destruction. As a legend has once said, "Ladki ka chakkar babubhaiya, ladki ka chakkar!"We've our leading lady in Preeti (Kiara Advani). A simple, sweet, introvert, who at first didn't seem, will give her away just like that to someone like Kabir.

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Taran Adarsh
By Taran Adarsh (3.5/5)

One Word Review... Kabir Singh: POWERFUL. Not the typical romantic saga. Unconventional, but powerful. Shahid is outstanding, career-best act. Kiara is lovely. Director Sandeep is an incredible storyteller. Overstretched runtime is a deterrent.

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By Nandini Ramnath (2.5/5)

Sandeep Reddy Vanga's exceedingly faithful Hindi remake of his 2017 Telugu drama Arjun Reddy follows a heartbreak that is as intense as the love that preceded it. When the surgeon Kabir (Shahid Kapoor) loses the human Preeti (Kiara Advani), he gives his four-legged pet her name. When his maid dares to refer to the non-human Preeti as a dog, Kabir barks at her in outrage.

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By Anna M.M. Vetticad (1/5)

It takes almost 50 minutes for the heroine of Kabir Singh to utter her first sentence. "Kabir, what do you like in me?" says this fragile-looking child-woman who was a mute puppet in his hands until then. "I like the way you breathe," he replies. Ooh, keh diya na dil ko touch kar jaane waali baat!

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By Vishal Verma (4/5)

A love story like no other, A mesmerizing rhapsody of the power of love and a pricking saga on obsession, uncontrolled anger and self destruction that probes the conventional boy/girl next door phenomenon. An adage of love that is intoxicatingly pious, passionate and brutal with Shahid Kapoor delivering the performance of his lifetime till date.

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The Times Of India
By Ronak Kotecha (3.5/5)

Kabir Singh is an official remake of the Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. The film charts the journey of a short tempered doctor Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor), whose obsession for his girlfriend leads him on the path to self-destruction. Can he come out of the dark world that he creates for himself?

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Hindustan Times
By Raja Sen (1.5/5)

There are so many shots of cigarette smoking in Kabir Singh I'm surprised they didn't rope in Akshay Kumar for a supporting role, to keep reminding the film's leading man to replace cigarettes with sanitary napkins. Substance abuse is the least toxic thing about this sickening film, the most misogynistic Indian film in a long time. This is a film about a bully, an abuser of women, an alcoholic surgeon, an insensitive lout, and a foulmouthed hothead - and that's just the so-called hero.

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The Hindu
By Namrata Joshi

The character Kabir Singh, or Arjun Reddy for that matter, is basically an updated Devdas, a loser in love, with additional anger management issues, who hits the bottle at the drop of the hat. There's even a Chunni babu in his life in the form of bestie Shiva who keeps coming to his rescue and appears to have no life whatsoever of his own.

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The Indian Express
By Shubhra Gupta (1.5/5)

To watch a character like Kabir Singh do this thing for nearly three hours places the viewer squarely into a place of conflict. Here's a fellow who thinks going through life yelling, shouting, snorting-and-drinking on the job, assuaging his raging libido with crass directness, basically being a sexist we-will-not-use-the-word-that-follows-naturally-here, is an acceptable thing.

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By Saibal Chatterjee (1.5/5)

Shahid Kapoor steps into Vijay Devarakonda's shoes in Sandeep Reddy Vanga's Kabir Singh, a remake of the director's own 2017 Telugu smash hit Arjun Reddy. The Bollywood actor, and the rest of the cast, represent the only alterations effected in this totally redundant reiteration of the tale of a young orthopaedic surgeon who goes on a self-destructive rampage when the medical college junior he loves is prevented from marrying him.

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By Ananya Bhattacharya (1.5/5)

A hapless maid in Kabir Singh breaks a drinking glass by mistake. Our protagonist chases her, glare in place, and cigarette hanging from his lips. When an entire theatre erupts in applause to this man chasing his maid, with the intention of beating her up, you realise Kabir Singh will be a hit. No matter how many reviews try to pry open the eyes of the filmmaker, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, and its lead actor, Shahid Kapoor. It did not happen with Arjun Reddy the film. It will not happen with Kabir Singh.

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