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Hindustan Times
By Priyanka Sundar (3/5)

They say money makes the world go round; gold's effect is not any different. KGF Chapter 1 is one such story of greed and redemption. At the heart of it is Kolar Gold Fields, which as per the film came into existence in the early 1950s. As the Cold War between the USA and USSR pushed up the prices of gold, atrocities - including slavery - were perpetrated at the gold fields to ratchet up the gold production.

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By Archana Nathan (2/5)

Prashant Neel's KGF, a two-part Kannada production dubbed in four languages, borrows themes and motifs from Hindi action movies from the 1970s, the Mad Max films and the Baahubali franchise. The resultant 155-minute mixture is an over-the-top and prolonged saga that feels like an endless attempt to mine good material where there is none.

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By Janani K (3/5)

Kannada star Yash is completely new to Kollywood. But the support that his film KGF got in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi made sure that KGF had the potential to be a great film in multiple languages. KGF did manage to surprise the audience with its brilliant 'mass' sequences and its fascinating story. However, the film looks so dragged and over-stretched that viewers lose patience.

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The Times Of India
By Reza Noorani (3/5)

A rebellious gangster takes on the might of a secret gold mining field as he breaks down the power structures that surround the lucrative trade while giving the destitute workers in the mine some much needed hope.

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The Indian Express
By Shubhra Gupta (1.5/5)

KGF stands for the Kolar Gold Fields. Part one of the two-part period actioner (it starts in the early 50s) cuts back and forth from a present-day TV studio where the story of a great hero is being recounted by an old man (Nag), and to the Kolar Gold Fields, where the main action unfolds.

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By Troy Ribeiro

With a larger-than-life character, director Prashanth Neel's K.G.F. - Chapter 1 is a period drama depicting the hero's journey from being a downtrodden to the most "powerful" and dreaded man in town. Set in 1981 and going back and forth in time, it is Rocky's tale, narrated from a journalist's point of view who had chronicled his life from 1951. How he metamorphosed from a timid boy to an ambitious teenager to a fearless gangster, forms the crux of this tale.

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