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Highway Plot

A rich industrialist's family in Delhi is busy with the wedding preparations. But, the bride-to-be Veera Bhati (Alia Bhatt) is not at all happy with the traditional stuff going on in the home. Veera decides to go on a long drive with her fiance Vinay, without informing anyone at home. The two go on the drive on the lonely streets of Delhi at night. As they come at petrol pump, some criminals kidnap Veera for ransom and her fiance Vinay does nothing to save Veera from the clutches of the criminals. Without knowing Veera is a daughter of a wealthy, influential businessman in Delhi, the robbers kidnap Veera, but get shaken up after knowing her identity. However, one of the criminals, Mahabir Bhati (Randeep Hooda) continues the plan by taking Veera to another place by throwing her in a truck with tied up hands. And the truck proceeds to highway and go on travelling to regions like Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

Frightened by the criminals initially, Veera starts to feel something different in the outside world, as she begins to feel the freedom, which was impossible at her home. She starts living her life exactly the way she had imagined in her mind. Slowly, she commences sharing her traumatic childhood story with Mahabir. Though reluctant initially, Mahabir also tells her about his painful childhood and the distance between Veera and Mahabir starts diminishing. Both of them form a good bond and start a new journey again. A shocking thing happens and Veera's life again gets upside down.

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