Chakradhaar Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Rating: 1.5/5

CHAKRADHAAR is a Hindi film which released on 15th June, 2012. This film has been produced by Bharat Anand and Abhishek Anand has been introduced in this film. Read the review to know what kind of film it is!

Story : The plot of the film is about corruption prevalent in our country. This is the story of Shravan (Abhishek Anand) who takes admission in Banaras University for higher studies. But he falls in love with the daughter of the principal. He is a university topper as well as a man of principles. He observes that corruption was prevalent in his University; dirty politics was being played in his University. To eradicate corruption he starts the battle to fight corruption. This way he becomes the enemy of MLA Dharmraj Chaudhary. He starts destroying all good things from Shravan's life. A time comes when an honest police officer saves the life of Shravan.

What happens then? Does Shravan get success in fighting corruption? What happens of his love story? All such questions are answered in the remaining part of the movie.

Acting : Abhishek Anand is average. To look like a Bollywood hero, he has to pay attention on his fitness more. He also needs to sharpen his acting skills. Just shouting won't work and also fights are not going to work when you need to survive in this industry. You also need to dance well and act well. Darshan Jariwala is good. Yashpal Sharma has also justified his role. Akhilendra Mishra fits the role and does well.

Other actors are so and so.

Script : The theme of the film is good but it has been said hundred times. Recently a film on corruption had released titled as GALI GALI MEIN CHOR HAI but it didn't work. There are many old and stale scenes in this film. Dialogues are unrealistic such as 'Pandit hain hum. Dakshina lena bhi jante hain aur shraap dena bhi'

Music : Except background music, nothing is impressive.

Action : A few action scenes are well created but exaggerated. The actor needs a bit more toned body to justify those scenes.

Direction : The direction of the film (directed by Shakur and Dharamprakash) is not up to the mark. It could have been better and entertaining.

Conclusion : Due to FERRAI KI SAWAARI release and due to poor script and direction and publicity, this film may not attract viewers hence it would be difficult for it to survive at the box office.

Verdict : Not a bad film but not a watchable film too. A boring film! Better skip it and go for FERRARI KI SAWAARI!

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