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Citylights Review

Citylights Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - May 30, 2014

Rating: 3/5

One Line Review: Same old needy tale, situations that roll down to hold the hands of darkness.

Positive Points: Amazing acting by lead, brilliant art direction, good music.

Negative Points: Long stretched screenplay, illogical facts, unneeded sexual content.

Plot: Deepak Singh (Rajkummar Rao), an ex-army man lives his earning as a shopkeeper in the inner skirts of Rajasthan along with his wife Rakhi (Patralekha) and daughter. Getting hard to survive, Deepak assures Rakhi to get a better life in the city of dreams, Mumbai. As soon as the dreamers land up, their dreams are shattered with the harsh reality when the couple is handsomely looted to the treat of shelter.

Getting the train back to track, the couple somehow finds shelter in a under construction building. Hunting for earn, Deepak finally settles as a driver at a security agency that delivers client's parcel with a kind help of his supervisor (Manav Kaul). On the other, Rakhi too befriends a bar singer and gets a earning for herself at the same workplace (dance bar).

Settling the sand castle with both hands, the couple somehow gets a feel of settling their entire depts. But, this is when all the shades of kindness drop straight and again the duo face the darkness behind the flashing lights. Deepak realizes that the kindness showed to him by his supervisor was merely a trap that has tightened around his neck slowly but steadily. With foot sunk into favors, Deepak has no way out but to help his aid to rob their own agency, a road that will lead the poor soul into the drains of crime.

Direction and Other Technical Aspects: First of all applaud of appreciation for the makers who have agreed that the feature is an adaption from 'Metro Manila'. Now kicking off with the celluloid, director Hansal Mehta grabbed a lot of limelight for his treat which indeed increased foot fall at the theaters. But as soon as the reel shows down, the first half seems all well with a lot of pace and twist that increases the interest level to the peak. Apart from minute shakes while handling the cam, the first have gulps down smoothly. But as soon as the second reel is rolled, the film seems to be an unending drama.

However, the director has tried to sketch out the real shades of the dream city, which has been equally sprayed all over the canvas. The screenplay is sooner or later predictable which looses the strains of excitement and the viewer eyes the theater doors to open as quickly as it can. More or less, the buzz created by the makers surely disappoints the masses, once the walk out the cinema. Few illogical facts haunt you as soon as you step out such as; why was Deepak the only one called out for interview in a queue of dozens. Second most is that, Hell! We live in a techno-era and the security agency doesn't even support a CCTV cam in the automobiles, the safe is only equipped with a automated bomb and two keys (that's why the client choose this agency as the best security to the valuables), and many more illogical facts served upon the platter.

With three stars to shine up chest, the third is entirely earned by the captain of the ship, Rajkummar Rao.

Performances: Gem in the crown, Rajkummar Rao is a sheer maestro which has been proving himself from right from the beginning. Getting into the skin of the character seems to be in his blood. The homework done by Rao perfectly showers on the screen. Even a single second won't remind you of the film-star Rajkummar Rao but, what's on your mind is Deepak (the Rajasthani guy) and this is what yells all about the gem.

Soon comes the new found Patralekha, the female lead too is a tough contender for the maestro. Facing the camera for the first time, the actress doesn't seem so, as her confidence is at par when compared with Rao's. Overall her screen presence was a must to keep the reel rolling and the girl has done all justice to it.

Last but not the least, apart from the main lead shines a actor incarnation, tele-soap actor Manav Kaul. The actor has equivalently shared a quality time on screen and has fulfilled the director's needs to his best. His acting seems to have matured and versatility seems to have brushed his shoulders. The sudden switch in his character from a tough supervisor to a cunning master planner is well cooped up by Kaul.

Music: Composer Jeet Ganguly won hearts as soon as the first track "O Re Piya Re" hit the charts. As a Vishesh Films outing, the music was sure to be great. However, apart from the particular single rest of the tracks are simply unnoticed. Whereas, the repeated background score too keeps the audiences on hold for a fresh piece. Overall sticking to the backdrop of the film, the music runs average.

Final Verdict: "Chai se jyaada Kitli garam", this is what has happened to the treat. The over publicized parallel delight has nothing new to offer and the only thing that earns your penny is the amazing acting by its actors. Predictions getting right, the film later starts boring but all thanks to the actors that keep you awake with their performance.

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