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Gangs Of Wasseypur Review

Gangs Of Wasseypur Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Rating: 3/5

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR is a Hindi film which was a much awaited film of this year and was the talk of town from the time it was appreciated in Cannes film festival. Finally this film released on 22nd June, 2012. This film has been produced as well as directed by Anurag Kashyap under the banner of Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. This film falls in the genre of crime thriller and is based on the real story which happened in Wasseypur, Dhanbad long time back. Should you watch it? Read ahead the review.

Story : The film begins with some people opening fire on others, targeting one family and they use infinite bombs and bullets to destroy that family. They feel that the family was dead but they were wrong! They were fooled by that family.

This film is the story of Sardar Khan (Manoj Bajpai). This film is the story of gang war between 2-3 gangs of Wasseypur where every individual wants to be the supremo by acquiring any means. This film is the story of crime prevalent in Dhanbad some years ago (a real story).

Shahid Khan (Jaideep Ahlawat), who is the father of Sardar Khan (young), is hired as Ramadhar Singh's right hand who in turn starts exploitation of the labourers and torturing his own people. This makes Ramadhar Singh very happy.

But one day when Ramadhar Singh visits his house, he overhears Shahid Khan telling his friend Farhan (Piyush Mishra) that one day he would kill Ramadhar Singh and take his position. Hearing this, Ramadhar Singh makes a secret exit. Thereafter he sends one of his men to call Shahid Khan for some urgent work. Shahid Khan goes to meet him from where he is sent to another city-Vanaras. Shahid Khan wants to tell this to his family but Ramadhar Singh assures him that he would get his family informed and doesn't allow him to inform his family.

Sahid Khan is sent to another city where Ramadhar Singh's man shoots him.

Meanwhile Farhan discovers the umbrella which by mistake Ramadhar Singh left in Shahid Khan's room when he had secretly visited his house and overheard the conversation. Farhan comprehends the danger and immediately escapes with the child (later known as Sardar Khan) to a safe place. Meanwhile Ramadhar sends his men to kill every family member in his house but when his men reach there they find none. Expecting the wrath of Ramadhar Singh, they tell lie to him that they had killed everyone. Ramadhar Singh especially inquires about the child. They tell lie that they had killed him, chopped his body into pieces and had buried them. When Ramadhar gets assured that Shahid's son was killed, he gets relaxed and happy and continues what he was doing.

Meanwhile, the child comes to know that his father was trapped and killed by Ramadhar Singh. So he gets his head shelved and vows to remain bald until he had taken revenge of his father's death.

Story moves on and he is grown up as Sardar Khan.

Once he grows up, he starts taking revenge from Ramadhar Singh by destroying and by acquiring his empire. In this process he and his men kill many men of Ramadhar Singh.

But one day Ramadhar Singh's men shower bullets on his car and run away. Many bullets penetrate into Sardar's body. He gets is drenched in blood. What happens later because the film ends there?

Remaining part would be shown in part two of this film.

Acting : Manoj Bajpai has played the role of Sardar Khan which is one of his best performances till date. He has got many shades to perform in this film and he has performed all the shades brilliantly. When his 1st wife throws utensils on him, the way he performs looks natural and impressive. Similarly when he shows his lust on seeing another woman (Reema Sen), he looks at his best. He hasn't over-acted and has remained natural in every scene.

Richa Chadda has played his first wife role and she has done brilliant job. She is very impressive when she threatens the policemen with a sickle in her hand not to enter inside her house. In other scenes also, when she is seen complaining her husband, she looks perfect. Reema Sen looks glamorous, sexy and has also performed well. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has once again proved that he is a brilliant actor. However, in this film he had very little to show his acting skills. May be he can show more in part 2 of this film. Huma Qureshi is also good. Jaideep Ahlawat in the role of Shahid Khan also impresses you with his powerful acting. Yashpal Sharma had nothing to do except sinking lips on a song in female voice. Piyush Mishra has got too much footage and he has done his part very well. He has also narrated the film. Tigmanshu Dhulia's looks are good (fits into the role) but his acting is not equally powerful.

Script : Syed Zeeshan Qadri, Sachin Ladia, Akilesh Jaiswal and Anurag Kashyap have written its script. Its screenplay is very well written but dialogues are very bad. The writers have used very vulgar and abusive languages to keep it look real. But it is said that policemen use very abusive language but have you watched them abusing in any film (except a few). Making any film realistic doesn't mean that you have to show everything! Some scenes are unnecessarily used which drag the film and also make it lengthy.

Music : Background music is extremely good and according to the nature of the story. It is the background music which keeps you entertained and hooked and doesn't let any dull moment pop up! Music composed by Sneha Khanwalkar is very good. She has composed extremely brilliant folk songs but most of the songs are used in narration style and are not directly picturised on the characters. They are picturised on the scenes.

Cinematography : Rajeev Ravi is the DOP of this film and he deserved most of the credit to make this film look better. He had done excellent job and his camera angles and lights are very well matched as per the requirements of the scenes. He has captured all the shots brilliantly.

Action : Except shooting each other and killing each other with dragger or knife, there was hardly any scope of action. Yet Shyam Kaushal had done his job well.

Direction : Anurag Kashyap has directed this film brilliantly. He has kept the locations almost real and his shots are extremely well. He has shown the true culture and language of Dhanbad, Bihar (Now Jharkhand). His choice of locations is great! Even with new artists, he has taken good job and he doesn't let you feel that you are watching a film without any star or known actors (except a few like Manoj Bajpai, Piyush Mishra etc.). He picked a real subject and portrayed it on the silver screen which looked totally real and natural. But he could have avoided unnecessary scenes and could have linked first scene with last scene.

He could successfully present only the beginning scene which was very powerful. Thereafter the power of the scenes went on becoming weak and at last you wonder why the film ended in that way!

Plus Points : Brilliant Direction; Authenticity of the Story

Minus Points : Too Lengthy; Incomplete Film; Abrupt ending; Vulgar Dialogues; Too Much Brutality,

Conclusion : Its direction is very good and also it has been appreciated in Cannes festival so a class people are surely going to watch it. This film also contains non-veg. jokes and adult scenes and too many abuses and violence which mass enjoys and they would get attracted to watch it. At the same time, it may also prevent many people from watching the film. After 30 minutes of the film, you come to know that it is the story of a man who vows to take revenge of his father's death but after that you are so confused that you forget the main plot.

Box Office Predictions : If SATYA can be a hit this film too can become a hit. However, it is doubtful that it will become a hit due to its confusing content.

Verdict : A Unique Film! You should watch it once keeping all the minus points in your mind! Watch it to know the story of Wasseypur; do not watch it expecting it as a film!