Top 28 Bollywood Movies Of 2012

Must watch top 28 Bollywood movies list contains the best direction, best critics acclaimed, top box-office collection record.

This film is the carry-over of earlier blockbuster \'Dabangg\' in 2010. This is story of the very famous Police officer, Chulbul Pandey. The story of the film is set at the backdrop of Kanpur.

Release: 21 December, 2012

Mansukh, a failure in all sense takes up an unusual challenge of getting the underworld kingpin TT Bhai\'s sister hitched to the famous cop Bahattar Singh aka Khiladi 786 just to prove his match maker father that he is not an out-worthy lad. But later, he finds himself in a soup, when he gets to know that Khiladi 786 himself is a conman and not a cop. Events brushing up between Khiladi\'s family and TT Bhai\'s household surely showcases the signs of beans to be falling upon Mansukh, who himself will seal the tag of being a looser.

Release: 07 December, 2012

This is a story of love, lethal attraction and a mission to solve a crime which has been perfectly carried out.Here is a suspense thriller with some heart touching emotions.It explores the journey of an investigative officer who is on a quest to solve a difficult case. The film reveals out Mumbai\'s underbelly like never before.

Release: 30 November, 2012

This is one of the finest 3D magical adventure drama flick based on the bestselling book by author Yann Martel. The story is about a zoo keeper's 16 years old intelligent son named Piscine Molitor, abbreviated as Pi Patel. The Patel family dies in the shipwreck, from which only Pi Patel remains alive. The movie showcases Pacific Ocean and a lifeboat with Richard Parker, a Bengal Tiger weighing 450-pound.

Release: 23 November, 2012

The movie is a romantic comedy set in the background of enchanting Punjab. The movie revolves around Jassi from London, who comes to Punjab to sell some of his ancestral property. But he is not aware the ancestral rivalry with another Punjabi guy named as Billu Paji. The further story showcases the hide and seek game between Jassi and Billu Paji.

Release: 13 November, 2012

This romantic film comprises of a love triangle, Samar, Meera and Akira. This is basically a life journey of a happy-go-lucky Samar and depicts how his life turns upside down after meeting his lady love Meera.

Release: 13 November, 2012

This is a romantic movie comprising of love triangle of three college youngsters. It is a type of coming-of-age rom-com featuring three new and fresh faces.

Release: 19 October, 2012

This is a romantic fantasy fiction film. The bilingual flick has been made in Telugu and Tamil and later dubbed in Hindi. Jani and Bindu love each other but have not expressed their feelings to each other. Sudeep, a rich man falls for Bindu and wants her for his selfish reasons. He comes to know about Bindu's feelings for Jani and gets upset. Sudeep murders Jani. But later Jani reincarnates as Makkhi ( a fly) and takes up the revenge.

Release: 12 October, 2012

It is a comedy drama which showcases a beautiful, heart touching story of a housewife Shashi Godbole who wants to learn English for her family's sake. Though Shashi does all of her tasks perfectly, her husband always criticizes her for not being proficient in English. The film depicts Shashi's journey to become expert in English.

Release: 05 October, 2012

This Courtroom drama-comedy film is an adaptation of a well-intentioned popular Gujarati stage-play named 'Kanji Virrudh Kanji'. It is also said as a remake of an Australian movie 'The Man Who Sued God'. It is a story of Kanji Lalji Mehta, who is a middle-class atheist Gujarati businessman. The movie touches a very realistic theme about the relationship between man and God.

Release: 28 September, 2012

This is a romantic comedy drama of Bollywood. The movie is a story of a deaf and mute person, Barfi and his relationship with two women, Shruti and Jhilmil. Jhilmil is an autistic girl. In short, this film is a beautiful way of onscreen depiction of the innocent journey of these three characters. The movie stands out from the crowd owing to its positive portrayal of the life of physically disabled individuals.

Release: 14 September, 2012

This is a typical Bhatt Camp Horror flick. Shanaya, an actress who enjoys being on the crest of her career and love from her beau Aditya, suddenly feels betrayed when a new starlet Sanjana arrives in the town and every director wants to cast her than Shanaya. Raged Shanaya takes the drastic step of using the black magic to gain everything which she has lost , when Aditya too chooses Sanjana over Shanaya. Now, Aditya must save Sanjana from the black magic of wicked Shanaya who has become blind in lust, love and dangerous passion.

Release: 07 September, 2012

This movie is a romantic thriller. The lead characters of this flick are shown as secret agents of India and Pakistan. They both fall in love with each other, turning the story upside down.

Release: 15 August, 2012

This is an out and out crime-centered flick with violent men and blood splattering things. It is the next installment of the previous political-thriller 'Gangs Of Wasseypur' in the year 2012. This trigger-happy movie is all about the politics, power struggles, violence and vengeance among three criminal families.

Release: 08 August, 2012

This adult-comedy is a sequel to its previous super hit installment \'Kyaa Kool Hai Hum\' (2005). Retaining its original lead actors, the film narrates the story of two roommates and good buddies. This story has four protagonists, an unemployed DJ, a struggling actor and two fun loving girls.

Release: 27 July, 2012

This comedy-drama flick oozes grandiose humor. There are three protagonists in this film, wacky Kunal, upbeat Veronica and sincere Meera and it is a story of camaraderie between them. It is actually their journey in which unknowingly they create a love triangle. It is a heady concoction of romance, humor and heartbreaking moments among this trio.

Release: 13 July, 2012

This is a romantic action comedy which is inspired by yesteryear comic caper 'Gol Maal'. It is a Topsy turvy journey of lies, cover ups, big blunders and confusion which is stuffed with lots of humor. The theme of this laughter ride is that a single person acting as two different individuals.

Release: 06 July, 2012

It is a fight between a Qureishi dacoit chief, Sultan and a Pathan , Sajid Khan who imitates Sultan. The bloody war between these two families leads to the eviction of Khan's family from Wasseypur. The brutal incident ignites a lethal bloody rivalry between these two families which crosses the three generations.

Release: 22 June, 2012

This sports comedy film shows the story of a talented young boy named Kayo, who aims to make it big in the cricket world. The inspirational movie displays how this roller-coaster Ferrari journey lands the young boy at Lords stadium in London making his dream turn into reality.

Release: 15 June, 2012

It is an action comedy drama film in which the protagonist fights with the notorious MLA who along with his son troubles and tortures the common people from Devgarh. Vikram Rathore, the honest police officer takes on a fight with Baapji , the MLA who is brutal and a hard core criminal. Vikram succumbs to an attack done by Baapji's henchmen. His lookalike Shiva, a conman, now steps up in the shoes of this Rowdy police officer and kills the brutal MLA and his gang.

Release: 01 June, 2012

It is a romantic action love story about two individuals who are born to hate but are destined to love. A Muslim girl and a Hindu boy fight for the political dominance of their respective families but eventually share a forbidden love-hate relationship.

Release: 11 May, 2012

This romantic crime-thriller is a sequel to its previous episode \'Jannat\', which arrived in the year 2008. The tale of the movie spins around the illegal arms in Delhi.

Release: 04 May, 2012

It is a light hearted story which speaks about the subject of sperm donation. Vicky an unemployed young man is brought in by the Dr. Chaddha who runs the infertility clinic. He convinces Vicky to donate sperms and eventually he becomes the biggest sperm donor for Dr.Chaddha's clinic.

Release: 20 April, 2012

This is a roller coaster laughter ride where lies, cover ups, confusions and a comic disastrous revenge tickle your ribs badly. Four boys marry four girls. Now, every father-in-law who wants the richest son-in-law mistakes every son-in-law for Jolly, the billionaire.

Release: 06 April, 2012

This thriller is about a pregnant software engineer named Vidya Bagchi, who comes to Kolkata from London in the pursuit of her missing husband Arnab Bagchi. The film holds the other aspects like authentic mysterious characters, the affection of people in Kolkata, ambiguity and a shocking end. It can be rightly said as a nimble portrayal of Kolkata.

Release: 08 March, 2012

It is a story of Paan Singh Tomar who was an Indian athlete and was a national steeplechase champion for seven times. Paan Singh Tomar later became one of the most dreadful decoits in Chambal Valley after his retirement.

Release: 02 March, 2012

This is a light-hearted love story of a fun-loving daughter of a rich businessman, who is adventure-freak and a rickshaw driver with an ambition of starting his own travel agency.

Release: 24 February, 2012

It is a remake of yesteryear crime saga Agneepath. A young boy's father gets killed unexpectedly by a fierce crowd. After fifteen years, the boy comes back to seek his vengeance.

Release: 26 January, 2012