Top 19 Bollywood Movies Of 2013

Must watch top 19 Bollywood movies list contains the best direction, best critics acclaimed, top box-office collection record.

Chicago-based The Great Indian Circus is mortgaged at a bank and his owner Iqbal Khan kills himself for not being able to pay the loan and seeing his circus coming to an end. Iqbal\'s little boy Sahir decides to take revenge of his father\'s death by destroying the bank and Sahir turns into a thief as a grown up. One day, the ACP Jai Dixit and Inspector Ali find him as the criminal and the story opens up a shocking page.

Release: 20 December, 2013

Ram, the younger son of village bigwig belonging to Rajadi community, is a Casanova by nature. Leela, the younger daughter of another major authority in village of Sanada community, is beautiful and fearless. Both fall in love in spite of their families being honest enemies of each other from a long time. Ram and Leela decide to get married, but a strange thing happens that turns their lives upside down.

Release: 15 November, 2013

Krishna Mehra aka Krrish, lives with his father Rohit Mehra and wife Priya. Being gifted with superpowers from his father, Krishna saves several lives from danger situations, but by hiding his actual self. On the other side of the world, there emerges an evil power called Kaal, who is also equipped with immense superpowers, but uses it for destroying the human beings. At a certain point of time, a power-packed battle begins between Krrish and Kaal that uncovers the further tale.

Release: 01 November, 2013

Revival of the adult-comedy \'Masti\', the sequel is double dose of dark fun. Amar, Prem, Meet coming together once again to screw up themselves with their not so good share of idea for rib tickling ride adding some eye shutting events.

Release: 13 September, 2013

Rahul, a Mumbai-based Halwai, intends to immerse his grandfather's ashes in Rameshwaram and catches Chennai Express train. Though, he has different plans in his mind, fate intervenes and changes the entire course of his life, when he meets Meenamma Lochni in the same train.

Release: 09 August, 2013

The film depicts the true-life story of legendary athlete Milkha Singh. The story unravels the unknown facts about the sprinter\'s life, discloses the thorny path of the sportsman in terms of his career, love and family life.

Release: 12 July, 2013

Varun Srivastava, an archaeologist arrives in Manikpur, a small village in West Bengal. He starts living in the house of the rich, local zamindar Roy Chaudhary. Soon, Pakhi - the daughter of Roy Chaudhary and Varun fall in love and also plan to get married with the consent of Pakhi\'s father. One day, Varun suddenly disappears from Manikpur without informing Pakhi and her father.

Release: 05 July, 2013

A Tamil guy from Varanasi Kundan falls in love with a Muslim girl Zoya since his childhood. For Kundan, Zoya is his world and he is ready to do anything for her, hoping that some day she will reciprocate the same for Kundan. Since childhood till growing up, Kundan's unconditional love for Zoya grows day by day but Zoya considers Kundan only as her good friend. She does not find her dream life partner in a simple, next door boy like Kundan. Kundan knows this fact, but still continues to love her unconditionally forever.

Release: 21 June, 2013

\'Fukrey\' is an offbeat film revolving around the lives of four teenagers. It is a perky story of four young edgy college souls, who run after their individual desires. Only one dream brings all of four of them under one umbrella. But, this dream changes their lives upside down.

Release: 14 June, 2013

This is a story of relationship between four friends, who have different outlook of their life. After their trekking trip to Manali, these friends go by their own ways in life. All of them meet again after eight years. The further story reveals different twists and twirls lying ahead of these four buddies.

Release: 31 May, 2013

The film is a zombie comedy. It is an action adventure with a twist of some horror in it. The film narrates a story of three friends who go to Goa to eat, sleep, fun, party and relax. For a party, they go to one deserted island which eventually found out to be full of zombies,the walking dead.

Release: 10 May, 2013

This is a stylized epic crime-saga spinning around the life of a gangster. The film is inspired by the real-life story of notorious gangster, Manya Surve. This hyper-dramatized flick is filled with components like revenge and lots of action stunts. Basically, this film is based on the rivalry between two prevalent gangs in Mumbai in 1980's.

Release: 03 May, 2013

This is a romantic musical film, which brings back the aspects of a typical heart-wrenching love story, like purity, selflessness and intensity. It is a story of a singer, his love and the thorny path ahead.

Release: 26 April, 2013

It is a bromance, a tale of three best friends Ishan, Omi and Govind. The film is based on famous author Chetan Bhagat's noted novel , 'The Three Mistakes Of My Life'. The story grows in the background of Ahmedabad city and the catastrophe's like massive earthquake and Godhra riots.

Release: 22 February, 2013

The film is an official remake of a Spanish thriller. This is a tale revolving around the life of a hi-fi fashion and wildlife photographer, a lounge waitress and their relationship. As the name suggests, the thrilling events follows in the film.

Release: 15 February, 2013

This is an Indian heist movie. The film received the inspiration from real-life robbery took place on March 19, 1987, where a fake group of CBI officers implemented an income tax raid on the reputed jewelers Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri\'s Opera House branch.

Release: 08 February, 2013

This is the very first Indian 3D dance movie. This is the story of a dance teacher, who accepts the challenge of training an untrained dancers\' group in setting up the best dance troop in India.

Release: 08 February, 2013

This Indian spy thriller movie was produced in multiple languages like Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. This film focuses on an international terror network, which plans to attack New York. The movie definitely tries to take the road less travelled to reach success.

Release: 01 February, 2013

This is a stylized action thriller full of posh surroundings and high-profile lifestyle. This movie is the sequel to earlier installment 'Race', a super hit flick of 2008. The film wonders over two characters, showing how one person cons the other and how the other person bursts with the feeling of revenge. In short, it is all about playing a classy hide-and-seek for power and wealth.

Release: 25 January, 2013