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EXCLUSIVE! Shiv Thakare’s mother calls her son a clear WINNER of Bigg Boss 16; further mentions his MARRIAGE plans

EXCLUSIVE! Shiv Thakare’s mother calls her son a clear WINNER of Bigg Boss 16; further mentions his MARRIAGE plans

In an exclusive interview with BollywoodMDB, Shiv Thakare’s mother, Ashatai spoke more about Shiv’s friend’s in the house and about the contestant’s marriage plans.

By BollywoodMDB Team | Updated On: Jan 9, 2023 01:46 PM IST

EXCLUSIVE! Shiv Thakare’s mother calls her son a clear WINNER of Bigg Boss 16; further mentions his MARRIAGE plans

Intense fights and constant entertainment have made this season of Bigg Boss more action-packed than ever. However, Shiv Thakare, a contestant who has competed on Bigg Boss Marathi and Roadies, is one of the most loved contestants both inside and outside the house. He has some of the biggest fights in the house and his friendship, loyalty, and strong mind are something that stands out for everyone. The former champion regularly trends on Twitter and is predicted as the winner by fans and celebrities from the industry. To know more about him, BollywoodMDB sat for an exclusive chat with none other than someone who has molded him to be this strong guy, Shiv's mother, Ashatai Thakare.

Who are Shiv’s friends in the house and who do you think he should be more careful of?

Everyone is Shiv’s friend, he doesn’t have enemies. If anyone thinks of him as an enemy then they are just trying to remove the thorn in their way but Shiv is enough for all of them. But everyone is a friend to him, his family, and everyone in the house. I like Abdu and everyone around him. Also, I like Soundarya who talks about him the whole day. But I think he should be careful of Archana.

Are there any plans for Shiv’s marriage after he comes out of the Bigg Boss house?

He won’t get married, he is scared of marriage. He is scared that girl will make him run after her here and there. (laughs) He has had his experiences. But if he gets wedded, I’ll find a girl from Amaravati. I’ll find him a nice girl for an arranged marriage. But he is scared, he says I won’t get married.

Who will win the Bigg Boss trophy and who do see as the runners-up alongside him?

The trophy is Shiv’s only, seeing the fans’ love everywhere around the country and Amravati, it is clear that Shiv is going to win the trophy. Mahashivratri is coming ahead and Shiv will bring the trophy home. I see Priyanka, Abdu, MC Stan, and Nimrit alongside him as the runners-up.

How do you like Abdu and Shiv’s friendship?

I am very happy about their friendship, he has had this habit since childhood of laying with kids. So, what he wanted he got inside Bigg Boss’ house. Abdu is there for his peace of heart and MC Stan also has fun with him he doesn’t tell but their bond is real.

What was everyone’s reaction when Shiv won Bigg Boss Marathi season 2?

Thousands of people gathered around the house, prepared rangoli, and everyone was dressed in Navari sarees and dancing around to dhols.

Is there any message you would like to give to Shiv’s supporters?

I would like to say to this audience and Shiv’s fans that they have always had a place for them in their hearts and they have worked hard for Shiv to support him. All your hard work and love are going to pay off and he will surely bring the trophy home. Just request you to continue to love and support him and always have a place for him in your hearts even after he brings the trophy home.

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