3 Night 4 Days

3 Night 4 Days

09 October, 2009

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Director : Devang Dholakia

Producer : Ryan Semelha , Amit Kumar Mahto, Devang Dholakia

Star : Anuj Sawhney , Hrishitaa Bhatt, Farid Amiri

Rocky, Rahul, Amay,Zoha, Priya and Antara are best friends since their college days. After finishing education, all part their ways due to their careers for three years. For three years no one of them get to see each other, but at Rocky's wedding in Goa, they all gather together for 3 nights 4 days and thus the roller coaster ride begins.

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A pleasant mix of comedy, romance and slices of life that all of us can associate with. 3 nights and 4 days starring youthful stars like Samir Aftab and Hrishita Bhatt promises to be a ... More

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