Good Boy Bad Boy

Good Boy Bad Boy

11 May, 2007 | 1 hrs 55 mins

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Director : Ashwini Chaudhary

Producer : Subhash Ghai

Star : Emraan Hashmi , Tusshar Kapoor, Isha Sharvani

Raju Malhotra and Rajan Malhotra are the two students of the same college but are totally different personalities. Raju is a dude who is good at co curricular activities but poor in studies and Rajan is a brilliant student who is bad at the extra curricular activities. Their college is ill reputed and hence the management brings a new and strict principal for the college, Mr. Awasthi. Raju who is in the \'C\' section falls in love with a girl from section \'A\' where Rajan belongs. But due to their similar initials, Raju and Rajan swipes their places but soon the principal gets to know this. To teach them a lesson, he sends their names to the competition where Raju has to answer difficult questions and Rajan has to prove his talent in dance.

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Rajan Malhotra and Raju Malhotra are poles apart. Rajan Malhotra is a proverbial bookworm, forever lost in studies and completely oblivious to the frolicking of a college dude. He hails from a ... More


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