Jahan Jaaeyega Hamen Paaeyega

Jahan Jaaeyega Hamen Paaeyega

06 July, 2007 | 2 hrs 19 mins

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Director : Janmendra Ahuja

Producer : Dr. Lakhan Sinha

Star : Govinda , Sakshi Shivanand, Divya Dwivedi

Anju, the fiancee of Karan gets killed by someone and Karan lands up in prison, cops believing Karan as the main accuse in the murder case. Being innocent, Karan runs away from jail. He meets two young boys Tito and Toni. They come to know that Karan is a run away convict and giving him to cops can make them achieve a huge prize. For gaining money, Karan decides to help these two boys and asks the names of Anju\'s murderers in return. On knowing their names, Karan starts destroying them one-by-one.

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