10 October, 2003

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Director : N. Chandra

Producer : Dr. Murnalini , Suryakanta Patil

Star : Om Puri , Nandita Das, Amitabh Dayal

Bhaskar, a simple guy from village come to the city to find his lost brother and finds him in a morgue. Heartbroken he stays here itself and joins the police force, later opts a high rank. Now all settled he gets a chance to nab a notorious gangster Adi. But when the moment comes Bhaskar leaves him and later Adi claims to be Bhaskar\'s friend. This gets Bhaskar suspended and tried under investigation.

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KAGAAR is the story of one long night…a night of a suspenseful wait for a prey… the hunter has waited for this moment all his life and although he knows that the end would be bloody and tragic, it ... More

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