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Mercury (2018)

13 Apr, 2018 | 1 hrs 49 mins

Horror Thriller

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A silent film revolving around a bunch of deaf and dumb friends who end up committing an unforgettable crime inadvertently.

Mercury movie review


By Mohnish Singh - Apr 11, 2018 07:09 PM

Critic’s Rating :

Positive Points: Background Music, Locations, Cinematography

Negative Points: Story, Screenplay, Execution

Mercury Plot:

Mercury is a silent film which revolves around a bunch of friends who come together for a reunion in a secluded but breathtakingly beautiful place down south. They cannot talk and hear as a result of Mercury poisoning but that doesn't stop them from enjoying their lives to the fullest. However, on the very first night of their reunion, something unexpected happens which shakes them to the core. The untoward incidence is going to have serious repercussions on them. What have they done? Is their life in danger? To know more, watch the film in cinemas on 13th April.

Mercury Review: A horror thriller that ends up being funny instead of scary