Top 10 Bollywood Movies Of 2010

Must watch top 10 Bollywood movies list contains the best direction, best critics acclaimed, top box-office collection record.

This is a romantic film along with the garnishing of comedy. This movie blooms in the setting of wedding planning. A street-smart Bittoo forms the protagonist of this film and an intelligent and energetic girl Shruti is shown as Bittoo's business partner. Together they achieve much success as wedding planners, but due to some reason they part their ways and they turn pungent rivals.

Release: 10 December, 2010

This is a mix of romance, action and comedy. It is sequel to the earlier film 'Golmaal Returns', a hit of the year 2008. It is a humor-filled take of three good-for-nothing sons of a truck driver - Madhav, Laxman and Lucky. Daboo is the tomboyish girl in the group of these three boys. Three burglars rob the queen's necklace and they reach Goa by running away from Police. The three boys lock horns with these conmen at a point of time and the rivalry starts.

Release: 05 November, 2010

It is a biographical story of Paritala Ravi from Andhra Pradesh who is a major accused in many murder cases. A killer bandit named Ravi Pratap decides to become a successful politician to seek his revenge for the deaths in his family.

Release: 22 October, 2010

This film is inspired from a Tamil super hit film titled 'Ethiran' of the year 2010. This is a science fiction movie, which spotlights on pros and cons of the concept of a machine-man or robot. This VFX-packed film revolves around a scientist, his lady love and an andro-humanoid robot invented by the scientist. The movie highlights the danger caused by the robot, as he falls in love with the love interest of the scientist.

Release: 01 October, 2010

This is an out and out musical action flick with a pinch of humor. In this film, Chulbul Pandey, the protagonist, lives with his mother, younger brother and step-father. Chulbul becomes a cop after some years. The film depicts constant anger of Chulbul towards his father for always being partial about him and his brother. Overall, the situation changes to vendetta fare. Furthermore, the movie speaks about Chulbul's work as a cop and his love interest.

Release: 10 September, 2010

This is a comic satire exploring the burning common issue of farmer suicides. It also centers on response of social media and political response to this problem of Indian farmers. This film speaks about an impoverish farmer called Natha and his family from the village named Peepli. Natha threat to end his life due to serious problems faced in farming and it seeks attention of politicians and media.

Release: 13 August, 2010

This is a period gangster film in which the story of 1970's Bombay is revealed. The movie depicts 1970's scenario of Bombay, when a well-intentioned smuggler Sultan Mirza and his downfall in the presence of another rising power called Shoaib. The film displays how Shoaib misuses powers given by Sultan Mirza and overrides him.

Release: 30 July, 2010

Ali Hassan, who is a reporter with Danka TV, a small time news channel in Pakistan , fabricates a fake video with the lookalike of Osama Bin Laden, the infamous dreadful terrorist in order to emigrate quickly to the USA.

Release: 16 July, 2010

This film is about a boy named Rohan, who belongs to a rich family and studies in hillstation-based hostel. Rohan faces a tiff with his father for being military strict and dangerously abusive. He aspires to become a writer and wishes to break free. Rohan gets expelled from the school due to some reason and gets back to his home to live with his father. The remaining movie unfolds certain unknown things to Rohan, when he returns his home.

Release: 16 July, 2010

This is a political thriller and human drama. The film describes the complex game that people indulge into for snatching power and how this greed for power and money overrides them. This lust brings a vast transformation in these people by making them cunning and ruthless. A person, who is just about to accomplish his PhD degree, indulges in the game of Politics. The movie is illustration of squabbling cousins, electoral politics and dynastic rule.

Release: 04 June, 2010