Finally, one Rajput has some different opinion on ‘Padmavati’ row!

Not following the flock of sheep, Kanwarani Archana Singh, a member of a Rajput family says, “It's not correct. See the film and then decide”.

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 25, 2017

Finally, a ray of hope for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’! Amidst all the controversies, one Rajput feels it’s not fair to come to any conclusion without watching the film. Kanwarani Archana Singh, who belongs to a royal Rajput family of Badnore, feels the controversy around the film is overhyped. In an interview with a leading daily, Archana said, “I think ‘Padmavati' has been convoluted completely. I know a boy who worked very closely with Bhansali in the production of the film and he said that there is not a (single) shot that you can fault with, and he is a Rajput himself. He also said that after seeing the film, the Rajputs would hug him (Bhansali)."

Finally, one Rajput has some different opinion on ‘Padmavati’ row!
Padmavati Poster

Yesterday, the news of a dead body found hanging at Nahargarh Fort shocked the entire nation. Though the threats were very clear and pointing towards the ‘Padmavati’ makers, no Rajput or Karni Sena member spoke clearly on the ugly controversy. Speaking on yesterday’s incident, Archana told, "It's ridiculous. I am a Rajput, but so many Rajputs have come out in favour of the violence that is happening. It's not correct. See the film and then decide. People don't even want to see the film. We have to stop this nonsense. Be tolerant, see it, believe it and then act but don't react. You tend to react all the time. We have become intolerant completely," she added.

Archana is one the few, who believes in Bhansali’s way of filmmaking. Though almost every Rajput is against the film, her point of view over the film will surely help to light the candle in the dark room.

Well, as of now, the movie is postponed, no new release date has been disclosed by the makers yet.

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