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Here’s why Vidya Balan is no longer a part of legendary Meena Kumari’s biopic!

Here’s why Vidya Balan is no longer a part of legendary Meena Kumari’s biopic!

The actress quit the project as she thought that makers were probably trying to sensationalize the late actress’ life.

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 8, 2017

Making biopics is the latest trend in Bollywood, which is being followed by almost every second director. From real-life heroes to eminent personalities, films are being made on people coming from different walks of life. But recreating somebody’s life on celluloid is not an easy job. Filmmakers face a wide range of issues even before the film starts rolling. One such director that is finding it difficult to begin his biopic on veteran actress Meena Kumari is Tigmanshu Dhulia. Tigmanshu had long ago announced that he was roping in Kangana Ranaut to step into the shoes of Meena Kumari. However, the family members of the late legendary actress objected to his choice and issued a press statement explaining why she was not the right choice to play the veteran actress onscreen. The project then went to Vidya Balan, who was quite excited to bag the role. But the latest we hear that Vidya too has opted out of the film.

Here’s why Vidya Balan is no longer a part of legendary Meena Kumari’s biopic!
Vidya Balan & Late Actress Meena Kumari

Vidya, who is currently promoting her upcoming film Tumhari Sulu, reveals why she took the decision of not doing the biopic. She says, “No, I’m not doing the Meena Kumari-biopic anymore. It didn’t quite work out. I love Meena Kumari. If I had a girl crush on somebody, it would be her. If she was alive, I’d probably land up to see her all the time. I am that fascinated by her. I always wanted to play her.”

She goes on to elaborate, “The script has to do justice. It can’t just be a sensational account of her life, even if she is not around. It has to present different episodes of her life and not just the ones that will grab eyeballs. So, I decided not to do it.”

She further explains, “I did The Dirty Picture, there was sensationalism in that but that was Silk. But for everything, you can’t just focus on the sensational bits of a person’s life. I am happy to do the controversial bits as long as it’s a well-rounded perspective. Also, biopics are very sensitive and they need to be done for the right reasons. You can’t make a biopic on Meena Kumari just because you feel sab dekhenge. Even if the person is not around, I have too much respect for her as an artiste, to just present a one-sided story of hers.”

Well, we really laud Vidya for her sensible decision.