Machine Review | Mustafa Burmawalla | Kiara Advani

Machine Review: A film where random things happen for random reasons, a story that defies all logic come what may!

By Meghana Pawar - March 17, 2017

Cast: Mustafa Burmawalla,Kiara Advani,Eshan Shanker,Carla Dennis,Ronit Roy,Dalip Tahil,Johnny Lever,Sharat Saxena,Supriya Karnik,Kishori Shahane,Mayuresh Wadkar,Rishabh Arora,Vivek Vaswani

Director: Mustan Burmawalla,Abbas Burmawalla

Rating: 1/5

One line Review: A film where random things happen for random reasons, a story that defies all logic come what may!

Positive Points: The cars and the picturesque locales. Car racing scenes are shot and captured well.

Negative Points: Why did they make the film and waste the budge if they did not have a proper script in the first place? Why all the loss of time, energy and effort!

Plot: Sarah (Kiara Advani) and Ransh (Mustafa) study in the same college. Sarah is a beautiful girl and many guys admire her. One of the admirers is her best friend Aditya (Eshan Shankar). Aditya decides to propose Sarah is the utmost romantic way but is killed by a friend on that very day. As Sarah tries to get over her friend’s loss, she gets attracted to Ransh. They soon fall in love and in no time get married. Their newly married life soon witnesses a deadly twist.

Machine Review | Mustafa Burmawalla | Kiara Advani

This twist changes Sarah’s life forever leaving her wanting for revenge from her first true love Ransh. What has Ransh done to her and why? Will Sarah be successful in taking revenge or will forgive him.

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Abbas-Mustan the eminent director duo is famous for a line up of successful movies. When Machine was announced, expectations soared as it was Abbas’s son Mustafa’s launch pad in Bollywood. But, Machine fails miserably in every aspect. The dialogues are awful, the scenes are abruptly shot and there is no storyline to support the film. The car racing scenes though are worth watching. But, talking about the rest, it was very difficult to sit through the entire film! The songs that erupted randomly were unbearable. Nothing works in favour of the film. I had one question popping up in my mind while watching the movie, Mustafa could have chosen any other better film for his debut, why did he chose this one?

Performance: Mustafa debuts in Bollywood through this film. He sadly fails to impress with his average acting skills and unconvincing dialogue delivery. Although, he danced well, his overall performance was not impactful.

Kiara Advani looks gorgeous in every frame. But, she was not at her best when it comes to acting.

Eshan Shankar was supremely unconvincing and did not do justice for his role.

Johnny Lever and Ronit Roy performed their parts justifiably. The supporting cast was good.

Music: The songs are added unnecessarily at regular intervals, increasing the length of the film. They are all passable.

Final Verdict: The movie does not hold much substance. Machine earns 1 star.

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