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Divya Dutta REVEALS her experiences working with female directors; Here’s what she said!

Divya Dutta REVEALS her experiences working with female directors; Here’s what she said!

In an interview, actress Divya Dutta discussed her upcoming projects, her experiences working with female filmmakers, and a funny story she once told Gulzar.

By Alisha Limbachia | Updated On: Dec 23, 2022 04:07 AM IST

Divya Dutta REVEALS her experiences working with female directors; Here’s what she said!

As she gets ready to ring in the new year, actor Divya Dutta is concentrating on her well-being and career. She has several films in the works. “I am glad that things which I didn’t plan happened and it worked out. With two hits, all of my films were very distinctively different from each other. They have been liked and I would say it’s a blessing.”

“I have another blessing this year, my house. A new address, which is beautiful and whoever comes, they like it. More than anyone I love it here. This is the kind of house I would have wanted for myself.” The actor doesn't support new year's resolutions since she believes they are overrated.


With two untitled web series and a role as a copy in a Dibakar Banerjee movie, Divya Dutta is prepared to take on 2023. She also has the film Sharmaji Ki Beti, which is directed by author Tahira Kashyap, who is also married to actor Ayushmann Khurrana.

Divya described her collaboration with Tahira as producing a "lovely film." “Tahira is someone who is full of life. When she is on the set, everyone becomes happy, it’s like a picnic. But once she says ‘action’ it's a metamorphosis. She just wants the job done. Her positivity gets on to you very much."


In her decades-long career, Divya has collaborated with numerous female directors, from Tanuja Chandra to Pamela Rooks. When you ask her how it is to work on a project from a female perspective, she responds, "There are good directors and horrible directors. There is a female sensibility with a female filmmaker, but it also relies on the subject matter. Female directors of art films are more prevalent than male directors. It has changed now. It is impossible to classify. With the introduction of Farah Khan, Zoya Akhtar, and Tahira, I feel that this has progressively changed since more and more young people are emerging who are able to relate to their audience. It's wonderful.”


Divya recently damaged her shoes while serving as a moderator at an event. Lyricist Gulzar intervened on her behalf and lifted her spirits with a poem that was pertinent to the circumstance. What actually happened, then? “I was ashamed,” remembers Divya. “It reminded me of Cinderella's broken shoes. Gulzar Sahab was sitting across the room, appearing really composed. He showed up and read a poem that perfectly reflected my predicament. It was really lovely. After listening to him, I felt like I could go barefoot. I believe the beauty of his words, coming from a legend like him, helped me to feel better.”

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