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Guneet Monga ties the knot at the age of 39, and shares an Instagram post with a lengthy note! Check out!

Guneet Monga ties the knot at the age of 39, and shares an Instagram post with a lengthy note! Check out!

Before ultimately meeting her soulmate, Sunny Kapoor, filmmaker Guneet Monga had written a lengthy essay about how she had begun to doubt her appearance, her intelligence, and even her career. She talked openly about getting married at 39 years old.

By Alisha Limbachia | Updated On: Dec 5, 2022 07:31 PM IST

Guneet Monga ties the knot at the age of 39, and shares an Instagram post with a lengthy note! Check out!

Prior to her wedding to fiance Sunny Kapoor on December 12 in Mumbai, filmmaker Guneet Monga has shared her love story. She explained how she started looking for her Raj after seeing Shah Rukh Khan's Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and is now, at the age of 39, finally getting married. She even cursed her body, her intelligence, her way of speaking, her education, and even her job for not having found "the real hero" of her movie, expressing doubt that she would ever find him.


Her note stated: “DDLJ ruined me… Like every girl growing up in the 90s, I too have been on a constant lookout for my Raj ever since I was 18. Anyone I dated, I ran to my friends to tell them this is it, I found my partner for the rest of my life. Some even indulged me a couple of times but mostly rolled their eyes and wanted to say, “Guneet please just take your time”. I never wanted to take my time, my magical forever started from Day 1. I was ready to commit from Day 1!”

She further said, “Everyone would always tell me, at the right time the right person will come into my life, and this irritated me the most! Why on earth has my time not come? Ab toh chaalis saal hogaye (its 40 years already), actually 39 but a round figure sounds better na. And every time an extended family member would ask me, “Beta shaadi nahi ki (you are yet not married)”, I would reply, “Koi dhoond do, kal karloongi (get one for me, I will get married tomorrow)”, and they would have no answer. Just “Beta hum kahan se dhoondhein… tum toh film industry mein ho na (how can we find a match for you, you are from the film industry)”. Now that is also my fault.

She continued, “Honestly, I have cursed my body, my intelligence, my way of talking, my education, my middle-class life and even my job designation to be able to find someone! Wait, did I tell you, I have also tried missing the last Euro train but wahan pe door automatic shut hotey hain (the doors shut automatically there) and no one keeps their hand out to pull you in! Haath kat jayenge behenon! (your hands will be cut my dear sisters).”

She also said, "My dear girlfriends, can I tell you, when the time is right and when that person comes into your life, you just know it. When he shows you how much YOU mean to him. That kind of love is everything. Aur phir meri real life ki picture main, mera real hero aagaya! (and then I found my real hero of my film). And while he is sure of me, this time I am in self-doubt. Really, you love me? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me? Someone who is in the film industry, living in Bombay and half balding. With tears in his eyes, Sunny said, “you are perfect and I am so lucky that you are mine and the universe made you wait for us!”

In addition to mentioning that she will be getting married in a week, Guneet shared a note on her engagement anniversary, “As cliche as it sounds, when the time is right, the universe makes it happen. I’ve found my Raj! Bade bade deshon mein chhoti chhoti baatein, hoti rehti hain (small matters do happen in big, big countries). #GunSung,” she said.


Neena Gupta left a comment on her picture, Neena Gupta commented on her post, “Ye huee na baat (now this is how its done).” Huma Qureshi also commented, “You senti queen … bless you both.” Other members of the industry who saw the tweet also expressed shock.


Guneet founded her production company, Sikhya Entertainment, and she has worked on movies like Masaan, Zubaan, Peddlers, The Lunchbox, Gangs of Wasseypur: Parts 1 and 2, and Pagglait

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