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Ranbir Kapoor has a personal Instagram account, Reveals Ayan Mukerji

Ranbir Kapoor has a personal Instagram account, Reveals Ayan Mukerji

The last time we saw Ranbir Kapoor was in the Ayan Mukerji film Brahmastra with Wifey Alia Bhatt.

By BollywoodMDB Team | Updated On: Oct 26, 2022 08:43 PM IST

Ranbir Kapoor has a personal Instagram account, Reveals Ayan Mukerji

On Wednesday, the Brahmastra filmmaker shared a brand-new Ranbir Kapoor video on his Instagram. The actor gave a surprising announcement in the video. Ayan Mukerji continued, nevertheless, and revealed some information regarding Kapoor.

Ayan Mukerji posted a video of Ranbir announcing the streaming platform premiere of Brahmastra on his Instagram. On November 4, Brahmastra will debut on Disney Plus Hotstar.

The Brahmastra filmmaker revealed two things in his caption for the video. Ranbir has a covert Instagram account, according to Mukerji. He also told in the post that the actor would appear in the remaining two Brahmastra films. Ranbir will appear in "two sections," according to Ayan of Brahmastra.

Check out and read the following article:

Director of Brahmastra penned the caption,” Ranbir, I hope you’re reading this from your secret Instagram account —- You have 2 more parts to go on Brahmastra so you better be nice to me !!! #brahmastraondisneyplushotstar #nov4th”

Speaking of Kapoor, the actor is heard saying, "Nahi bhai ho gaya," in the video (No brother, I am done.) Promotions for Brahmastra are over for me. I've had enough of Ayan Mukerji.

"Light aa rahi hai, light aa rahi hai, light aa chuki hai" (the light is coming, the light is coming, the light has come) is his additional complaint. Cheers to Diwali!

"Brahmastra huge hit hai," says Ranbir. Or, yeh kya, Ayan ko lagta hai ki, "meri life hi nahi hai," Brahmastra ke promotions ke alawa. That was a significant event in my life, baap banne wala hun. (Brahmastra was a huge success. What does Ayan think? Other than the Brahmastra promotions, nothing is going on in my life. It will be a significant event in my life for me to become a father.

Kapoor immediately terminates the call when he receives another from Ayan Mukerji. He speaks with Ayan on the phone and offers to promote the movie.

Ranbir just celebrated Diwali with his family, meanwhile. Images of him and Alia Bhatt doing a Puja appeared on the internet.

Ranbir, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Mouni Roy, and Nagarjuna were all cast members of the Ayan Mukerji film Brahmastra. Shah Rukh Khan made a brief guest appearance as well. Additionally, the film premiered on September 9.

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