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Sahil Khan and Kashish Rajput attends the KING MASS CLASSIC Bodybuilding Championship inaugural announced by MASS

Sahil Khan and Kashish Rajput attends the KING MASS CLASSIC Bodybuilding Championship inaugural announced by MASS

Announcement of Women's Open BodyBuilding Competition announced by Mr. Manish Advilkar

By Alisha Limbachia | Updated On: Feb 27, 2023 01:39 PM IST

Sahil Khan and Kashish Rajput attends the KING MASS CLASSIC Bodybuilding Championship inaugural announced by MASS

The first edition of "KING MASS CLASSIC," formally known as "Parel Shree," is announced by Mr. Manish Advilkar, founder and owner of "MASS," together with Mr. Kapil Jhaveri and Mr. Dipak Chauhan, co-owners of "MASS." Russel Degreto was proclaimed the winner of the King Mass Classic 2023, along with Sudarshan Khedekar, Rohan Gurav, Harshada Pawar, Pratik Panchal, Rohan Gurav, Sudharshan Khedekar, and Russel Degreto, who competed at 80 kg and over.


Road safety is one of the event's most significant projects. As responsible fitness industry executives, trainers, and professional bodybuilders, they are promoting road safety through this event.

One of the greatest names in the Indian "Bodybuilding Competition" scene is "MASS," and since its most recent Parel Shree 2022 competition, it has amassed a sizable fan base. The co-owners of "MASS," Mr. Manish Advilkar, Mr. Kapil Jhaveri, and Mr. Dipak Chauhan, are back with a new, more prestigious title: "KING MASS CLASSIC."

The popularity of bodybuilding as a sport has been growing in India, and MASS offers a professional platform for aspiring and seasoned competitors to relaunch their careers in the sport. In the beginning, MASS centered its operations in Mumbai and invited everyone from the city.


One of the fitness icons for young people and professional bodybuilders in India is the founder of MASS, Mr. Manish Advilkar, a fitness trainer and consultant. In addition to receiving the Maharashtra Shree award in 2005, Mr. Manish Advilkar has received the Mumbai Shree gold medal for the past nine years. The site's owner and founder, Mr. Manish Advilkar, plans to extend the bodybuilding industry to give competitors a bigger stage on which to compete and advance their professional careers.

The intrepid businessman, ardent motivational speaker, wonderful philanthropist, and co-owner of MASS, Mr. Kapil Jhaveri, has been a strong visionary in setting up the ideal framework to enthuse the ardent professionals. Mr. Dipak Chauhan, who is also a co-owner of MASS, is an enlightening individual who has given individuals a place to gather and inspired them to pursue their goals in more detail and scope, leading to the achievement of different MASS titles.


This platform is broadening its scope by allowing participants from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane to inscribe their names on the KING MASS CLASSIC 2023 title.

The competition is divided under 2 categories-

1. Professional Bodybuilding- Below 60 kg, below 65 kg, below 70 kg, below 75 kg, below 80 kg & above 80 kg

2. Physique- Below 164 cm & above 164 cm

The first place finisher in each category will compete for the title of "KING MASS CLASSIC 2023" in the bodybuilding competition's top 5 honours. The first place finisher in each category in the Men's Physique competition will compete for the title of "MASS Physique 2023."


Owners of the property have discovered that women have played a crucial role in every area as we have expanded our platform. As a result, they have added a new competition that gives women a larger and better platform. An open category bodybuilding competition for women has been announced. They also announce a powerlifting competition that will take place in the following weight categories for both men and women.

1. 45kg to 60kg

2. 60kg to 75kg

3. 75kg to 90kg

4. 90kg and above

The competition structure features the top 4 prizes in each category. The winners of the Men's and Women's categories will battle for the titles of "Strong Man- KING MASS CLASSIC 2023" and "Strong Woman- KING MASS CLASSIC 2023," respectively.


"Bodybuilding aims to display in artistic fashion pronounced muscle MASS, symmetry, and definition for overall aesthetic effect. Primitively in India, bodybuilding was not considered a professional sport. However, it has evolved and progressed gradually in India. The fan following and love for the sport has seen a huge rise in recent years where bodybuilding has now been accepted as a professional career of many" says Mr. Manish Advilkar.


“MASS CLASSIC is on a mission to uplift the sport to the next level. The support and love from the people and enthusiasts in the industry has made it possible. With each year, more & more people are gaining interest in body building. There has been a gradual shift towards fitness & we wish to take it to next level" *says Mr. Kapil Jhaveri & Mr. Dipak Chauhan- Co- Owners of "MASS*

1Sport will air the competition's telecast. The entire competition is connected to the Road Safety World Series (RSWS) and Shant Bharat Surakshit Bharat.


Dapp is the event's title sponsor, along with Scream and QnT. Biotop Professionals is the hair care partner, Spartan Poker is the gaming partner, Ustara is an associate sponsor, Svitch is an associate sponsor, Spartan Nutrition is an associate sponsor, Avatar is an associate sponsor, Tan is an associate sponsor, Muscle Gear is an associate sponsor, Steadfast is an associate sponsor, and Urban One is a partner in real estate.

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