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Sunny Leone decides to DITCH GLAM for her new role in Quotation Gang; Details inside!

Sunny Leone decides to DITCH GLAM for her new role in Quotation Gang; Details inside!

In preparation for her part in Vivek K's new crime drama "Quotation Gang," Sunny Leone made the decision to ditch the glitz.

By Alisha Limbachia | Updated On: Jan 24, 2023 08:49 AM IST

Sunny Leone decides to DITCH GLAM for her new role in Quotation Gang; Details inside!

Sunny Leone, an actress, decided to forgo makeup for her role in Vivek K's upcoming crime drama "Quotation Gang." She stated that she didn't want to alter the director's original intent.

The director and Sunny's makeup artist collaborated closely to develop Sunny's character's foundational looks. The crew put together several alternatives after figuring out how the character came to be and her past. Sunny didn't want to alter the authenticity because it is a raw scene.


The actress shared: “The film’s DNA is such that it hinges on its authenticity. I didn’t want to compromise on the director’s vision. I trusted the director completely. Now when I see the love our teaser is getting, I am glad that the power of his vision is getting its due.”

“Sometimes when the character has some much meat, you don’t care about anything else. What matters is your performance. Once I stopped focusing on how I will look, I was able to be the character. I am grateful for the faith the director showed in me!”


The look is naturally de-glammed, according to her makeup artist Richard Joseph. "The unibrow and the lip scar were the main features. Sunny's face was warmed and tanned by us. The persona was supposed to be a rambunctious female. Therefore, we produced untidy, bushy brows. To perfect that, we used real hair that was trimmed into finer strands. To apply it, we utilised prosthetic adhesive.

Additionally, the appearance was created to fit the persona, according to him. "There is a scar on the forehead that was created using 3D silicon pieces for continuity purposes," he said. “To get the lip cut, we used an old scab. For a worn-in appearance, the kohl pencil on the eyes was smudged and erased. On our necks, we had ink done locally. We de-glammed the face by applying something a little cooler to create a warm appearance.” He further added.

“In order to accentuate the skin's dullness, a specific quantity of chilly tones were added. We aimed to highlight a drained eye. In order to make the makeup last longer, we used alcohol mediums to create textures on the skin. In order to make the lip bruise noticeable, the lip has been blurred. Overall, the look's highlights were the detanned face, the kohl eyes, and the lip bruising. This was emphasised by the bindi we applied.”

Jackie Shroff and Priyamani are featured in the movie as well.

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