Elli Avram Biography

She snatched the limelight within a short period of time and became the favourite piece of gossip columns. Elli Avram is a Swedish Greek actress and was born on July 29, 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden. Originally known as Elisabet Avramidou Grandlund, she is now known as Elli Avram. Her father's name is Jannis Avramidis and he is a Greek musician and her Swede mother Maria Grandlund featured in the Oscar winning movie 'Fanny and Alexander'. Elli completed her schooling from Frans Schartau High School in Stockholm. Her hobbies include singing, figure skating and dancing. Her mother and aunt run a theatre and Elli took professional training in acting from there.

Elli was very fond of India since her childhood. In one of the interviews, Elli revealed that "Even when I was five, I was fascinated by Indian dance and the colourful clothes," She always dreamt of being a Bollywood actress. Elli joined Sundbyberg dance group and started Bollywood songs dance performances. In Sweden, she has done some acting projects and one of them was 'Forbjuden Frukt'. In this, Elli essayed the role of the lead character's teenage lady love. Apart from this, Elli also featured in a Sweden TV series 'Gomorron Sverige'. The year 2010 saw Elli Avram participating in the Miss Greece beauty contest. She also featured in an Iranian music video 'Hala Chi Shod'. In 2012, Elli arrived in India. After coming in India, she got her work visa by signing up with a modelling agency. 'Eveready Industries India' was Elli's first noticeable work project. The actress appeared in a television commercial of Ricchezza Silver Jewellery. The comedy-thriller flick 'Mickey Virus' gave her the very first acting break to Elli. She starred as Kamayani George in this film. The television star turned actor Manish Paul debuted in Bollywood with this movie. Elli spoke in English in this film.

The year 2013 saw Elli Avram participating in the famous television reality show 'Bigg Boss 7' hosted by Salman Khan. Elli shared a great rapport with the host Salman during the show.

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