Neeraj Pandey Biography

Neeraj Pandey is a writer, Screenwriter and Director of Bollywood. He is most famous for his landmark movie 'A Wednesday'. The 40 year old director was born in Kolkata but, graduated in New Delhi. Neeraj used to work in 'Legacy Entertainment', Delhi which was a Dalmia Group company. It was in making of the television series where he learned the fundamentals of film making. He moved to Mumbai in 2002 where with the help of a friend he started making documentaries and ad films. In collaboration with his friend Shital Bhatia, he also formed a production company called 'Quarter Inch Productions' for producing T.V. Shows, documentaries and T.V commercials. After it they initiated 'Friday Film Works' a film production house. His First movie 'A Wednesday' was his home production. The film was based on Mumbai train bomb attacks on 11th July 2006. He won the Indira Gandhi Award as the Best First film of a Director. He also got nominated for Filmfare Awards in the Best Director category. He planned a Prequel to 'A Wednesday' but dropped the idea.

His new movie 'Special 26' will release this February. It is his second directorial venture after 'A Wednesday'. The movie is based on 19 March 1987 robbery which took place in 'Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri' Jewelry showroom near Opera House, Mumbai, when 26 thieves, in disguise of Income Tax employee, robbed a jewelry worth millions. Akshay Kumar is in a lead role in the movie.