Suresh Gopi Biography

Personal Life & Career

Suresh Gopi born in (June 25,1960,Kollam,Kerala,India) is an National Film Award-winning actor in Malayalam cinema who is famous for his roles in police dramas. He is noted for his leading roles as much as he is for the character roles. He is beside famous for his philanthropic efforts.

Suresh Gopi started his acting career in 1965 as a child artist in a malayalam film 'Odayil Ninnum' which was a

screen adaptation of the novel by the same name.He subsequently stopped acting and returned to Malayalam films in the eighties. His first roles in the eighties were those of a supporting hero or the villain. His most notable

works of this period include 'Irupatham Noottandu' (Twentieth Century), Rajavinte Makan ('The son of the King') a screen adaptation of 'The Rage Of Angels' by Sidney Sheldon and Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha.

His major break in a leading role came with "Thalasthanam" (The Capital) pursued by Ekalavyan and Commissioner all of them Police dramas. He shot to superstardom with these films and pursued it up with roles in 'Pathram' (newspaper), 'Lelam' (Auction) and 'Vazhunnor' (The Rulers).

His portrayal of the police commissioner 'Bharath Chandran IPS' in Commissioner (1994) shot him to superstardom and is etched in Malayalam film history as one of the most recognized roles. His famous monologue "Ormayundo ee mugkham?" ("Remember this face?") is synonymous with the role and has been subject to much imitation and parody. He is famous for his fervent delivery of English dialogues in the films that he acts in. He became noted and was glorified for playing larger than life roles that were anti-establishment and often were a dig at the political and social corruption. In 1997 his acting prowess was proved as "Kannan Perumalayan" a role that he played in "Kaliyattam" (The play), a screen adaptation of "Othello" by William Shakespeare for which he got the National Award for best actor in the same year. Other noted hits were 'Pathram' (The Newspaper), Crime File, Kashmeeram, Janadhipathyam (Democracy),Sathyameva Jayathe, Thenkasipattanam, Highway, Summer in Bethlehem, Bharathchandran IPS, 'F.I.R' (First Information Report), Tiger and Chinthamani Kolacase

Before Love Cinema he was English literature field and his favourite pens are Bernard Shaw, Shakespeare, Camilla way etc etc. He is famous for his philanthropic efforts.He done many charity activities in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Gulf etc. Once he neglect the chance of stand for the election with Congress Party. His charity activties are spearheaded by his fans club which has a strength of about 800 members.He frequently visits sree chitra poor home,Trivandrum with his all kerala fans club president Mr.Ashwin Jothindran and spends time with the hapless inmates.


* National Film Award for Best Actor - Kaliyattam

* State Film Award for Best Actor - Kaliyattam

* In July, 2005, he was nominated for the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of a

mentally distressed person in Ullam and as a Doctor in Makalkku, but lost out to Mammootty.