Abhishek Sharma Interview: Even if I get a film while doing Nimki Mukhiya, I will never quit the show.

In an exclusive interview with BollywoodMDB, television actor Abhishek Sharma elaborately talks about his show, Nimki Mukhiya, and much more.

By Mohnish Singh - September 25, 2017

Television actor Abhishek Sharma is garnering rave reviews for his performance in his newly launched show, Nimki Mukhiya, which airs on Star Bharat. Filled with a host of unique characters and amazing dialogues, the show has been rated No.1 on the channel. The tall and handsome actor, who has previously appeared in shows like Surveen Guggal – Topper Of The Year and Mere Angne Mein, plays the male lead Babbu Singh in the show. Sharma believes that though he is not even remotely like Babbu in his real life, it has all the ingredients of becoming his breakthrough role. Recently, our correspondent Mohnish Singh catches up with Abhishek on the lavish set of his show to talk about his beginning in the showbiz, his new show, and the most difficult period of his life along with some other interesting stuff. The actor encouragingly gives answers to all questions with an endearing smile on his face. Excerpts…

Abhishek Sharma Interview: Even if I get a film while doing Nimki Mukhiya, I will never quit the show.
Television Actor Abhishek Sharma

Q. Tell us something about your character in Nimki Mukhiya?

A. I play the role of Babbu Singh in Nimki Mukhiya. It’s a very unrealistic character for me because I have never seen a person like him in my real life. People say that there are many like him, but since I haven’t come across any such person, he is unreal for me. Babbu is very rude. He has loads of attitude. He frowns upon scheduled cast and the downtrodden. He doesn’t touch them. He browbeats anyone to get his way. So, basically, he is everything which I am not in my real life.

Q. How did you bag the show?

A. I was doing a show called Mere Angne Mein for Star Plus. My character was called Lallan Singh in the show. After the show went off-air, one day, I got a call saying that the channel (Star Plus) wants me to audition for a show for their upcoming channel. Since Babbu Singh was somewhat similar to Lallan Singh, the channel wanted me to appear for the audition. They had auditioned almost twenty guys before I came into the picture. When they saw my audition, they liked it and this is how I bagged Nimki Mukhiya.

Q. Could you please tell us about shows which you did before Mere Angne Me and Nimki Mukhiya?

A. Nimki Mukhiya is my fourth show. I started my career with Surveen Guggal – Topper Of The Year for Channel V. I played Raathi in that show. Then I did a kids' show Best Of Luck Nikki for Disney Channel followed by Mere Angne Mein.

Q. This is the first time when you are playing a Bihari character in any show. How did you prepare for that?

A. This character is somewhat similar to what I played in Mere Angne Mein, but not in terms of accent. To get my accent right, I watched films like Gangaajal and Anaarkali Of Aarah. When you see these films, you kind of understand the flavor of their language. After watching some films based against the backdrop of Bihar, I did a lot of practise. It really helped.

Abhishek Sharma Interview: Even if I get a film while doing Nimki Mukhiya, I will never quit the show.
Television Actor Abhishek Sharma

Q. How did you get into acting?

A. I used to participate in a lot of cultural actives during my school days. When I entered college, I thought of trying my luck in modelling because my height was good. Luckily, there was a photographer in my apartment, who helped me make my portfolio. So, that is how I started in modelling. Then, almost a year later, I realized that career span in modelling is very short with so much of competition. So, I thought of venturing into acting.

In 2010, I shifted my base from Delhi to Mumbai. I did a couple of ad shoots after moving to Mumbai but didn’t get any work for the next one year. It was a very hard period for me. Then I got Surveen Guggal in 2012.

Q. What was the reaction of your family when you told them that you wanted to make a career in acting and hence you are moving to Mumbai?

A. My Mom was supportive but my father was a little apprehensive about my decision. Later on, after a lot of convincing, he understood my passion for acting and let me come to Mumbai. Now, he is very happy.

Q. What has been the most difficult period of your life so far?

A. When I shifted to Mumbai in 2010, I got a lot of ads to do in my first year. But the period from 2011 to mid-2012 was the most challenging and difficult one for me. I had no work. I was sitting idle at home, doing nothing. I appeared for so many auditions but faced rejection everywhere. I literally had no money in my pocket. There was a time when I didn’t eat anything for the whole week. I had weight-gainer at home, which I had bought when I had money, so I lived on that for one entire week. I used to eat one spoon of weight-gainer in the morning, then next spoon during lunch time and one spoon before going to bed. Besides that, I didn’t have anything to eat. I can’t forget that week. But I am not complaining about anything because I know everyone goes through such kind of situations in this field.

Q. Every actor, who comes to Mumbai with dreams of acting in his eyes, wants to act in films. I am sure you must have thought the same. So, if you land a role in any film right now, what will you do? Will you quit Nimki Mukhiya or try to accommodate your dates?

A. I have learned a great thing from my father – that no matter what a man should always fulfill the first commitment he has made. So, even if I get a film while doing Nimki Mukhiya, I will never quit the show. I will try to adjust my dates. If that doesn’t happen, I will say the filmmaker to wait or get someone else onboard. Leaving Nimki Mukhiya won’t be ethical on my part. This show is very important for me.

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