Ankit Siwach Interview: While doing Chakravyuh, I never feel like I’m doing a TV series. It’s like a film.

Tall and handsome actor Ankit Siwach, who makes his television debut with Star Plus’ new offering, Chakravyuh, talks exclusively to BollywoodMDB.

By Mohnish Singh - August 12, 2017

Ankit Siwach, a young and dynamic boy from the city of Meerut, has finally begun his journey to get a foothold in the glitzy world of entertainment. With the newly launched Star Plus show, Chakravyuh, he lights up the screen for the first time. Siwach plays a CBI officer in the show, but he says that in real life he is diametrically opposite to his onscreen character. To know more about this new lad on the block, BollywoodMDB Reporter, Mohnish Singh, recently caught up with him on the sets of his show and spoke at length about his journey, initial days in Mumbai and, of course, how he bagged his first show. Read on…

Ankit Siwach Interview: While doing Chakravyuh, I never feel like I’m doing a TV series. It’s like a film.
Ankit Siwach

Q. ‘Chakravyuh' marks you debut in the world of television. How are you feeling right now?

A. Right now I am feeling at the top of this world. My show went on air a couple of days back only. Its premiere held here on the sets. I don’t remember the last time when I was so happy. My entry is yet to take place, but the kind of show it is and the kind of vibes it is giving off, I am sure people are going to like the show and also my performance. In nutshell, I would say Chakravyuh a very well-packaged show. I am eagerly waiting for my entry now.

Q. Tell us about your character in the show.

A. I am playing Adhiraj. He is a CBI officer. He is a no-nonsense, tough guy who never listens to anybody. He goes to Lal Mahal in connection with a case. But Adhiraj has some hidden, personal motives as well. He has a small sister and father in his family. He has a strained relationship with his father. Why so, you will get to know further in the show.

Q. Did you always want to become an actor?

A. Yes, I always wanted to be a part of this world. Everyone sees the reflection of a hero when they see themselves in the mirror. I would feel the same way in my childhood. By the time I reached 9th standard, the acting bug had caught me completely. I used to participate in a lot of cultural activities during my school and college days in Meerut. I was good at sports, too. I won’t say that I had decided to become an actor in 9th standard only, but the thought was definitely there in my sub-conscious mind.

Q. When did you finally realize that acting is your true calling?

A. When I grew up a little more, I went to Delhi for my further studies. There I came to know that there is something called modelling. So, to make a portfolio, I started a part time job without informing my family about my decision. While doing modelling, I made some friends from theatre background. In their company, I came to know what real acting is. Slowly, my interest in modelling dissipated and I decided to focus solely on acting.

Meanwhile, my family wanted me to complete my MBA, which I actually did, but I did not apply for placement. It was then my fate was sealed. I lied to my family that I got a job in Pune, but I packed my bags and reached Mumbai.

Q. How were your initial days in Mumbai?

A. Within a week of reaching Mumbai, I got a corporate job. I had opted for a night shift on purpose so that I could go for auditions during the day. I was very naïve back then, so I had no idea about how this industry functioned. There is a big theatre personality who told me that if I really wanted to become an actor, I should leave my job. So, I quit my job after 10-11 months. Then I went to my hometown and dropped this big bomb on my family that I was not in Pune but Mumbai and that I wanted to pursue a career in acting. I was expecting they would trash me like anything. But I was surprised when they didn’t say a word. Instead, they said I should have told them this earlier that would have, at least, saved my five years.

Ankit Siwach Interview: While doing Chakravyuh, I never feel like I’m doing a TV series. It’s like a film.
Ankit Siwach

Q. What happened afterwards?

A. When I came back to Mumbai, I started working as an assistant director with Tanuja (Chandra) Ma’am, to gain more knowledge about filmmaking. I also assisted my casting director friend, Kavish Sinha, on casting. I am a gymnast also. While practising one session, I met with an accident and broke my both legs. I had to rush to my hometown. When I recuperated and came back, I was more determined this time around. I called Kavish and said that I wanted to appear for an audition, no matter for which role. He told me about one audition going on somewhere in Andheri. I went there and auditioned for it with full conviction. Next day, I received Kavish’s call and he said that I had been shortlisted for the male lead. First, I thought he was joking. He convinced me that he was not kidding and I had really been locked as the male lead of the show. I could not believe my ears. The feeling took days to sink in. I was on cloud nine to have bagged my first show, ‘Chakravyuh'.

Q. Do you want to establish a career in TV only, or there are plans to make a crossover to films later on?

A. See, whenever an artist comes to Mumbai, he comes with a dream of acting in films. But I feel really lucky that I am getting to do everything in this show, which a film would have offered me to do. I play a very heroic character in the show. I have never felt that I am doing a TV series.

Q. What was that moment like when you faced the camera for the first time?

A. I faced the camera for the first time in Benaras. We had gone there for an outdoor shoot. I was asked to reach Benaras the very next day of my casting. I was clueless. My first scene was with Mahima Makwana, who plays Anami on the show. She is a powerful actress. I was totally blank in front of her. I had no idea of my character, scene and all. I was sweating from head to toe. But somehow I controlled myself and the scene was shot. Afterwards, I assiduously prepared for my role.

Q. Do you relate to your onscreen character in real life?

A. Not very much! Adhiraj is a tough cop. In real life, I am not that tough. I don’t get angry that easily.

Q. Who do you idolise as an actor? Who inspires you the most?

A. Almost every actor inspires me in one way or the other. I try to learn from everyone. I never had any favourite actor. But I like Shah Rukh Khan for what he has achieved in his career.

Q. If given a chance to star in a remake, which film would you like to pick up and also the role?

A. I would love to star in the remake of Rang De Basanti. I want to play Aamir Khan’s character. I also liked Madras Café a lot. I would love to play John Abraham’s role.

Q. If not an actor, which profession would you occupy?

A. I would have joined army, because most of my cousins are in army.

Q. Who is your latest crush from Bollywood?

A. For the time being, it’s Disha Patni. I also adore Nargis Fakri a lot.

Q. What is your current relationship status?

A. I am single.

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