Barun Sobti Interview: I chose ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’ because I’m an advocate of good content!

In an exclusive interview with BollywoodMDB, renowned TV star Barun Sobti talks elaborately about his upcoming film, Tu Hai Mera Sunday.

By Mohnish Singh - October 3, 2017

No matter whether or not you watch Indian soaps on TV, but you must be well familiar with the name of Barun Sobti, one of the most popular television stars in the country. Currently seen in the popular Star Plus soap, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3, the good-looking actor will soon arrive in cinemas with his new film called Tu Hai Mera Sunday. After traveling to various national and international film festivals, the movie is all set for its Indian premiere on 6th October. But before the film makes its entry into theatres, BollywoodMDB reporter, Mohnish Singh, catches up with the actor for an interaction. He was kind enough to talk about not just his film but also his career and so much more. Here’re some excerpts…

Barun Sobti Interview: I chose ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’ because I’m an advocate of good content!
Barun Sobti

Q. What is your upcoming film ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’ all about?

A. Tu Hai Mera Sunday, first of all, is about people. It is a people’s story set against the backdrop of football and space. Basically, it is about what is happening to the world that we live in. It is a very light-hearted movie. It is a story of five friends who meet every Sunday on Juhu beach to play football along with their other mates, because that is the only way to get away with the crazy world they live in. Everyone in the world is competing for a thing or the other for all the time. One day, something happens which changes the course of their lives. So, basically, Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a story of five friends together and their individual selves trying to find some space for their own selves and how they play football and struggle for it. And how, in the process, they end of figuring out some really substantial things for their lives.

Q. Are you a football enthusiast in real life?

A. Of course, I am! I love playing football. I don’t get to watch it anymore, but I love football.

Q. How do you manage to squeeze out some time from your busy schedule to play football?

A. Nowadays, it has really become difficult to manage time for sports. I have not played football for a while now. But that’s how it is. But I think I will be able to find some time now in the coming few months.

Q. In our country, more importance is given to the game of cricket. Football is in a very nascent stage in the country. Do you think that it is the time people should shift their focus on other sports also?

I am not a big advocate of forcing changes. I think there must be a reason why people in our country like cricket more. It has been played for the longest time, since the time the British ruled us. So, that is not unfair if people like cricket more. I think some people also have this feeling of cricket going away and football coming in because the latter is a more popular game worldwide. But it does not have anything to do with being popular. If, one day, you come and stop the Indian audience from watching Indian actors and tell them to watch George Clooney because he is more popular all over the world, people cannot do that because they won’t understand his films. That is not our culture. So, it is like that. I don’t have anything against cricket.

Barun Sobti Interview: I chose ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’ because I’m an advocate of good content!
Barun Sobti

Q. Besides you, there are a lot many actors in the film. How was your tuning with each one of them?

A. I am extremely glad that I got to do this film. I am a kind of person who enjoys being with people. I enjoyed working with everyone. It is really important for me that I like what I am doing. It is phenomenal that this film came into my career. What I am really glad is for the people who I met while doing this film. Not just the actors, but other crew members also. Whenever we meet we keep laughing incessantly. Everyone understands each other deeply. In a very short span of time, we have forged some amazing friendships. We had a ball while working together.

Q. So, now it is like a family for you, right?

A. It’s pure friendship. I won’t give it another tag. It’s awesome.

Q. Why did you choose this film? You must have been offered several other roles, but why did you pick up Tu Hai Mera Sunday?

A. Yes, I was offered many other roles. I have always been an advocate of good content. See, films are a big deal. You cannot make a film just because you have a lot of money and you want to invest it somewhere. And also, I read a lot. When I read a book, I know which book is to be recommended to people which book is not to be recommended to people. The same is with films. So, when this script came to me, I knew I wanted to do it. I took a second opinion from one of my close friends and he also said good things about it.

Q. You started your career with TV and now films are happening for you. How do you see your journey over the years?

A. It has been awesome. I love the way things worked out for me. My whole journey screams me. Sometimes what happens that people scream fundamentals when they are young and then they have to make compromises on them. It kills the spirit inside you. Thankfully, I did not have to do anything like that. I am proud of all the decisions that I have taken in my life. There were times when I said no to so many big things, big in the perception of people, and did real things which I really wanted to do. That really matters to me. Thankfully, that is still intact. So, yeah, I am happy with my journey.

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