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Daisy Shah Interview: I would love to star in the remake of Chaalbaaz if it’s ever made!

Daisy Shah Interview: I would love to star in the remake of Chaalbaaz if it’s ever made!

In an exclusive interview with BollywoodMDB, gorgeous actress Daisy Shah talks about her forthcoming venture Ramratan and much more.

By Mohnish Singh - October 25, 2017

After scorching screens with her sizzling performance in the 2015 erotic thriller Hate Story 3, the stunningly gorgeous actress Daisy Shah is coming to grace the screen with her next film Ram Ratan, wherein she plays a woman who is grappling with the unfaithfulness of her husband. As her movie races towards the release on 3rd November, BollywoodMDB correspondent Mohnish Singh catches up with the devastatingly pretty actress at her beautifully decked up apartment in Bandra for a conversation. Daisy fields all the questions related to her film and career sportingly and answers them with consummate ease. The following are excerpts from her interview.

Daisy Shah Interview: I would love to star in the remake of Chaalbaaz if it’s ever made!
Daisy Shah

Q. Your upcoming movie Ramratan is round the corner for its release. How excited are you for the film?

A. I am very excited. I am looking forward to the people that they go and watch the film because I have never played this kind of character in my earlier films, be it in Bollywood or down south. It is an out-and-out fun film. This is the first time when I have done a film just for the entertainment purpose. So, yeah, I am really looking forward to the release of Ramratan.

Q. Could you brief us about your character in the film?

A. I am playing a wife. So basically, the story is about a married couple. The wife comes to know that his husband is a playboy kind of a guy. Without making any fuss, creating any drama, getting the whole family together and whine, she challenges herself to get her husband back on track. She plans a game to play against him. But eventually, the game backfires. There is a hell lot of confusion in the film. And towards the end of the film, you come to know that who is what and why all this happened and all.

Q. As you just mentioned that your husband is sort of a playboy in the film. What is your personal take on infidelity?

A. It varies from individual to individual. Being a playboy is not a bad thing, but saying it loud to the person you are actually committed with is not right.

Q. Nowadays, open relationships are in vogue. A lot of young couples in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai are opting for it. What is your take on that?

A. This thing is happening everywhere, all over the globe. If the girl is okay with it, then nobody should have a problem with it.

Q. You have worked in both Hindi and South cinema. What kind of differences or similarities do you find in the working style of both the industries?

A. I personally feel it that the southern film industry is technically more advanced than Bollywood. That is the one difference that I can clearly see. There are different levels in film industries. So in Bollywood, an artist is on the first level and the second level is technicians. Down south it is the other way around; the first level is of technicians, the second level is of artists.

Daisy Shah Interview: I would love to star in the remake of Chaalbaaz if it’s ever made!
Daisy Shah

Q. If a remake of a classic Hindi film is made today, what would be that film and the role you would like to play in it?

A. It has to be Chaalbaaz. Sridevi Ji played both the drastic roles with panache.

Q. When you did Jai Ho opposite Salman Khan, people expected you to be the next big thing in Bollywood. Somehow, your career did not take off post the release of the film. The same happened after Hate Story 3. So what, according to you, went wrong? Are you very choosy?

A. I don’t know. I can only be choosy if I have so many projects coming my way. But that’s not the case. I think, in the due process I just understood that I have to work on myself, make myself better each day so that people see the difference and efforts that I put in to make the betterment in my life in order to get that amount of work.

Q. Before foraying into films as an actress, you were a choreographer. Today, if I ask you what gives you more satisfaction, acting or choreographing, what would you pick up?

A. It’s a very difficult question to answer. Earlier when I was a choreographer, I had no knowledge of acting. Today, I am an actor and I have complete knowledge of dancing.

Q. If you are given a chance to participate in a reality show like Bigg Boss, would you pick it up?

A. No. I don’t think so. I wouldn’t mind going to the house for 2-3 days, but I don’t think I would like to be a contestant. I can go there for 2-3 days for fun, to experience the environment and then just come out.

Q. There are a lot of film celebs who are venturing into television. If something meaty comes your way, would you like to do television?

A. If something interesting comes my way, I wouldn’t mind doing it.

Q. Apart from acting and choreographing, if there any arena of filmmaking you would like to try your hands at?

Q. I don’t know. I think it is too early to talk about it. It is just a thought right now that I might start producing films in Gujarati and understand the entire process and drill that how it works and then, by God’s grace, if that thing goes well, I’ll do bigger projects.

Q. What is the strongest part of your personality?

A. That I am very honest and straightforward.

Q. What your weakness is?

A. I am a very emotional person.