Nidhhi Agerwal Interview: Deepika Padukone has influenced me a lot!

In a candid conversation with BollywoodMDB, debutante Nidhhi Agerwal opens up about her first movie, Munna Michael, her favourite directors and her inspiration, Deepika Padukone.

By Mohnish Singh - July 20, 2017

After Deepika Padukone, another Bangalore beauty is striving to be on the top in Bollywood. She is talented. She is beautiful. And most importantly, she has in her the unbridled spunk to translate all her dreams into reality. Yes, we are talking about newbie Nidhhi Agerwal who is all set to enter filmdom with the forthcoming film, Munna Michael, opposite Tiger Shroff. As her debut film races towards its release on 21st July, BollywoodMDB Reporter, Mohnish Singh, sits down with the feisty actress for a fun chat. Excerpts…

Deepika Padukone has influenced me a lot: Nidhhi Agerwal
Actress Nidhhi Agerwal

You are new to films. Please, tell us something about yourself and how did you bag a big film like Munna Michael?

I am from Bangalore. I moved to Mumbai around two years ago. It sounds very clichés, but I wanted to become an actress since my childhood. Though, I never knew if my dream would ever come true or not as, for an outsider, it’s not easy to get into films.

I was an avid television watcher. While watching TV, the only thought which played in my mind was to get inside that TV and play various characters. Though becoming an actress seemed very difficult initially, at the back of my mind there was this thought that it would happen someday.

So, after growing up, I used to dress up well while going out, thinking that some director would notice me and offer me a film (laughs). I used to keep very nice profile pictures, in fact, my full portfolio along with me. But that does not happen, at least in today’s time where competition is so high.

I then started modelling in Bangalore. There people encouraged me a lot. Some said I look good. Others said I got a Bollywood face. After doing modelling for 3-4 months, I shifted to Mumbai and started my training in acting. Dance I had been learning since long. I am trained in Katthak and Belly dancing. Since Munna Michael was a dance based film, I was offered the role after many rounds of auditions.

Tiger Shroff is an accomplished dancer. Was it difficult for you to match up to his steps?

Yes, it was very tough because his style is very different. Having said that, I feel if you learn one dance form, it becomes way easier for you to learn other style because your body is now accustomed to movement and all. That way, it was easier. However, I had to practise a lot to get my moves right. Had there been another actor in place of Tiger, I would have not rehearsed that much, I guess (laughs).

What was the competition like while auditioning for Munna Michael?

There was a lot of competition. Everyone was free to audition for the film, so there were hoards of girls who appeared for the audition. But I had full confidence in my acting skills.

What was your first reaction like when you were zeroed in on to play the female lead in Munna Michael, that too opposite an actor like Tiger Shroff?

Frankly speaking, it hasn’t sunk in yet. Whenever I see my face in the posters, I pinch myself. Whenever I see a new song from the film, I pinch myself. I am yet not able to believe that one of the most coveted dreams of my life has come true. I am extremely happy now. I am a normal girl from a normal family. For me to come thus far and achieve an almost impossible dream means a lot.

How has your life changed in these months?

I have been pampered a lot all these months. Earlier, no one would care about me, but now things have changed.

Does all the limelight make you nervous while going out?

Not literally! But I am not able to repeat my dresses anymore (laughs). Earlier, I was free to do wear the same dress many times, on many occasions, but now I cannot do it. Now, one can spot me buying new cloths every second day.

So, what do you do with the cloths which you have already worn once?

I exchange them with my sister (laughs). When she visits me in Mumbai from Bangalore, I take some of her new cloths and give her my old ones.

Was it difficult for you to convince your family about your career choice?

I did not have to convince my family at all. While packing my bags for Mumbai, I went to them and said, ‘See, I am going. If you want to support me, it is okay. If you don’t want to support me, it is okay.” They said, ‘Don’t create any drama; we will support you.’ Luckily, my family has been very supportive. I don’t know how and why, but my parents trust me a lot.

What kind of films do you see yourself doing in coming future?

Hmm…I don’t know. But I like very soulful films. I would love to do all kinds of films, commercial, non-commercial.

Who is your favourite director?

I like all directors. But my most favourite directors are Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Imtiaz Ali.

Have you been approached for any other projects after Munna Michael?

I haven’t signed anything as yet. There are two-three things going on, but I haven’t signed anything on the dotted lines.

I have a three-film deal with Eros International. But it is a very flexible deal. I am free to work with other people also.

Who are the actresses who inspired you to become an actress?

Deepika Padukone inspired me a lot. She is also from Bangalore and her sister studied in our school. So, she would come to pick her up sometimes. Whenever I would see her I was in awe of her beauty. Then, one day, the news broke that a Bangalore girl is doing a film opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Everyone felt proud and happy for her. She has really influenced me a lot.

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