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Dhanush: 'VIP 2' starts from where 'VIP' ended. It's a proper sequel to VIP!

Dhanush: 'VIP 2' starts from where 'VIP' ended. It's a proper sequel to VIP!

Talented actor Dhanush is excited to have shared the screen space with the legendary actress Kajol in his film VIP 2, a sequel to his previous hit VIP. The dubbed Hindi version of the film releases on 18th Aug.

By Mohnish Singh - August 17, 2017

After 'Raanjhanaa' and 'Shamitabh', talented actor Dhanush is all set to face the Hindi audience with his bilingual film 'VIP 2', which is also being released in Hindi. The film becomes even more special as it also sets the stage for the comeback of iconic actress Kajol to Tamil cinema after a huge gap of 20 years. The movie, which is a sequel to Dhanush's previous film VIP, has opened to overwhelming response in South and is ready for a wider theatrical release in Hindi on 18th August. In a conversation with BollywoodMDB Reporter, Mohnish Singh, Dhanush speaks about his film, experience working with Kajol and lots more.

Dhanush: 'VIP 2' starts from where 'VIP' ended. It's a proper sequel to VIP!

Q. VIP was a huge success at the box office. What are your expectations from its sequel, VIP2?

A. Definitely the same kind of box office numbers, maybe more. VIP means unemployed graduate. The film got a lot of love from people because it dealt with day to day problems. The life can still be beautiful if you believe in the basic essence of life which means love. I am hoping for the same kind of love for VIP 2 also.

Q. VIP was made only in the Tamil language whereas its second installment is coming up in Hindi as well. What made you make the movie in both the language?

A. When we made the film (VIP), we didn’t know it would become such a huge blockbuster. Of course, we hoped for it, though. Once that happened, initially we wanted to do the second part is Tamil and Telugu. But then when Kajol ma’am came into the picture and since I am known here a little and she is a star in Hindi market, we thought why not explore the Hindi market as well.

Q. Is the movie a proper sequel to its predecessor or it's a completely new story?

A. It is a proper sequel to VIP. The movie has started from where VIP ends. It’s a tale about a simple man and his ordinary world where he wants to be an engineer and waits till he gets his desired job. He doesn’t hop onto anything that is offered to him, but decides to work only what he desired to. Here, his humble world collides with an empress of the corporate world. Both of them have their own principles and ideologies and that’s where the narrative moves forward.

Dhanush: 'VIP 2' starts from where 'VIP' ended. It's a proper sequel to VIP!

Q. How was it like to work with Kajol?

A. It was fascinating. I have grown up watching Kajol ma’am's films and it’s been a pleasure working with her. Who has not seen Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge? She is such a fine, talented and seasoned performer that her performance helped me do my job better.

Q. How did you come about casting her in the film?

A. Once I finished writing the film with Vasundhara all that came to my mind was somebody like Kajol ma’am, just somebody who is like her. And one day I was like 'why not her?'. I mean, we were aware that she hasn’t done any film in another language in the last 20 years but I just wanted to give a thin chance. We just approached her through her manager and she was very sweet to meet us. She only agreed on the credibility of the script and that made us even more confident about the story. Now that the film is over I don’t think anybody could have pulled her role with the ease that she did.

Q. She has an intimidating personality, were you intimidated by her?

A. No actually. I am a confidant actor so I don’t get intimidated by my colleagues. I feel that confidence is necessary. Also, I have faith in me that I can do justice with the character I play so I don’t get intimidated. Probably, if someone is better than me I will learn from them and try to match up with them.

Q. This is your third film in Hindi, in what ways have you grown from your first film?

A. Language wise, I am still learning. I understand 50 % of the words you say in Hindi and can pick a few words here and there but there is a lot more learning left.

Dhanush: 'VIP 2' starts from where 'VIP' ended. It's a proper sequel to VIP!

Q. How was it working with a lady director, Soundarya?

A. She also happens to be my best friend and when you work with your best friend, it’s always fun because we could communicate with her with ease. She has seen me from last 15-16 years so she knows my abilities as an actor and I have seen her grow as a filmmaker. I knew her strengths too and with Kajol ma’am on board we had a great time on sets. I was also the writer so the writer and director kept fighting, but the actor was obedient.

Q. What is your take on Bollywood accepting actors from south?

A. The world has shrunk and the exposure in more now, we are able to spot talents very easily. Before it was not the case. Earlier, when there were remakes nobody would know about it but today the knowledge is right here, people are aware of everything which is a welcoming change. Today it’s easier to cross boundaries.

Q. After Raanjhanaa we thought you would be all over Bollywood. Why are you so picky about your work when it comes to Hindi film industry.

A. I really have to choose my roles very carefully because apart from knowing my strengths I also know my weaknesses. I wait for the right script for something that I can do justice with, as well justice at the Box Office.