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Elli AvrRam Interview: Whenever I look back at myself and my journey, I feel it’s just the start. I have a long way to go!

Elli AvrRam Interview: Whenever I look back at myself and my journey, I feel it’s just the start. I have a long way to go!

In an exclusive interview with BollywoodMDB, stunningly beautiful Elli AvrRam talks about her new song 'Kudiyan Shehar Di' which sees her matching steps with Sunny and Bobby Deol.

By Mohnish Singh - August 23, 2017

Elli AvrRam, a Swedish Greek actress, went onto start off her career in Bollywood with the comedy film Mickey Virus and then participated in the controversial celebrity reality show Bigg Boss, hosted by Salman Khan. That is when things gathered momentum for her and she went onto making it big into Bollywood with Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon and other few projects. Elli is in news once again for her hot and sizzling dance number in the upcoming film Poster Boys. BollywoodMDB gets in touch with the beautiful actress to talk about her experience while shooting the song with Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol.

Elli Avram Interview: Whenever I look back at myself and my journey, I feel it’s just the start. I have a long way to go!
Elli AvrRam

Q. Many congratulations for your new song 'Kudiyan Shehar Di' in the movie Poster Boys. Please throw some light on how did you bag it?

A. I was contacted directly by the team and then I passed it onto my managers to make sure that everything was fine. I was unaware about the song. It had Daler Mehndi singing. So my managers told me this and I just followed. They said the song has Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol. I got to hear some really big names associated with it. Master Ganesh Acharya as the choreographer and Shreyas Talpade as the director! The original song was filmed on Juhi Chawla; she is one of the legendary actresses of the industry. What more could you ask for? It was a complete package. Dancing with Sunny Deol for a remake! It is a dream come true. It is an experience that I will always remember. It’s definitely got a lot of hard work involved. You should have a great zeal and enthusiasm to get into the mood and should get swayed into it.

Q. Did you listen to the original track before signing for it?

A. Yes, I did hear the original track. I completely fell in love with the song the moment I listened to it. I feel Punjabi songs are very upbeat and you seem to groove to them instantly. I feel the same kind of energy inside me. I am the same inside. I am brimming with passion. It’s just that I have a side of me. And I was totally gaga over it. It’s great to see an overwhelming response from all over. I was flooded with messages and compliments were just pouring in right and left.

Q. Bobby Deol and Sunny Deol are known for their unique dancing antics. Did that become a tad difficult for you to match up to their steps?

A. I have worked with Kapil Sharma in my first film. So that should suffice (laughs). I feel they were pretty good dancers. It wasn’t difficult at all. Sunny Deol was very quick and upfront in matching up to the steps. He is a true blue professional. It was great fun dancing and I just went with the flow. It was a team work and Ganesh Acharya was the ultimate guru. We just surrendered to him and this is how it transpired.

Elli Avram Interview: Whenever I look back at myself and my journey, I feel it’s just the start. I have a long way to go!
Elli AvrRam

Q. This song has been receiving humungous response all over and it has everyone grooving to it. If given a chance, what are other few songs on your wish list that you would love to be a part of in their recreated version?

A. “Chura Ke Dil Mera Goriya Chali” is one of my favourites. I would love to be a part of it. I am totally in love with that song. It’s an instant booster for my mood. It should have Akshay Kumar himself. We actually got to perform when we went to the Da Dabbang tour in Hong Kong. I actually did a special performance with Akshay Kumar on “Tip Tip Barasa Pani”, “Chura Ke Dil Mera”. He had kept everyone on tenterhooks with his energy and steps. I was in a fervent mood and was just grooving to it. When I was in my hometown, I used to always visualize Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty dancing and used to go into a trance. And then today when you get to perform for it. It’s an unexplainable feeling.

Q. You started off way back in 2012 in Mumbai. How do you look back at your journey?

A. Whenever I look back at myself and my journey, I still feel that I have got a lot more to do. It’s just the start. I have a long way to go. It is an experience that I could never dream off. I never did imagine this in my wildest of dreams. I wanted to do a Bollywood movie as I could not see anything beyond that and to achieve that was really huge and massive. I have had this kind of butterflies in my stomach. I did achieve it in a year and I used to counter check “is that fast?” And I was like what next should I do in my life? I never imagined that things would gather momentum at such a lightning speed. I thought it would be a slow process. Then Bigg Boss came and that is when my life took a huge turn. It gave me more work and it’s just been so great. It’s just so much to handle success. It’s lot for me and I am very satisfied with my work. I am so grateful. Who knew I would be hosting a show in India and in Hindi? I am making sure I pick up things that excite me. That’s how one should lead their life. Do things that make you happy. You should love your life and keep on enjoying life.

Q. Bigg Boss 11 is coming up. If given a chance would you love to be a part of it?

A. I will not want to enter the house but definitely will want to chill around, talk to the contestants. I would love to make them feel better and comfortable. I would love to give them few inputs from my end.