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Kangana Ranaut Interview: Whenever I worked with established actors, results have been very poor!

Kangana Ranaut Interview: Whenever I worked with established actors, results have been very poor!

BollywoodMDB catches up with the immensely talented actress Kangana Ranaut to talk about her upcoming film, Simran.

By Mohnish Singh - September 12, 2017

Kangana Ranaut, a devastatingly gorgeous and charming Hindi film actress, has been enthralling the audience with her sterling performances ever since her debut film, Gangster. After appearing in an array of career-defining films like Fashion and Queen and winning national and international awards for stellar performances, the actress is all set to impress the audience with her upcoming film, Simran, directed by Hansal Mehta. As the movie races towards its release on 15th September, BollywoodMDB Reporter, Mohnish Singh, catches up with the National Awards winning refreshingly candid and honest actress to talk about her film, failure of Rangoon and why does she stay away from films featuring established stars.

Kangana Ranaut Interview: Whenever I worked with established actors, results have been very poor!
Kangana Ranaut

Q. How has been your journey from playing Simran in your debut film Gangster to playing Simran in your latest film?

A. Gangster was an important film in my life. My life changed completely after that film. I was a common girl before but then a magic moment happened and everything changed forever. In Simran, that magic moment is yet to happen with her. Except for that part, she is not very different from me. She has the same dreams and ambitions. My character name in the film is Praful Patel, but how she becomes Simran is what you will get to know after watching the film.

Q. Kangana, you have done so many successful films in your career so far and achieved so much of success on your own. In spite of all that, do you still feel an outsider in the industry?

A. There is nothing like that. I am very much part of the film industry. I am called the leading face of Indian cinema. I have done very significant work here. I have given three National Film Awards to the Hindi film industry. Many of my films have broken several box office records. They have achieved success and appreciation at different platforms. Then how can I be an outsider? I am somebody who is an integral part of the industry so far. Let’s see what happens in future.

Q. No doubt you have tasted a lot of success in last few years, but how did you handle the failure of your last release, Rangoon? Were you upset and disappointed as it was a big film for you?

A. Yes. I learned a lot from the failure of Rangoon. I had expected a lot from the film, but its failure did disturb me. It was kind of a reality check for me. When I left my home to pursue my dreams, I had certain dreams and ambitions which I wanted to achieve. I think I have achieved more than what I had initially dreamt of. Because of that, I had started expecting more from myself. But then I realized that it’s not right. The more I am achieving, the more I am expecting from myself. If that continues, it will become a vicious cycle.

Now, I feel a sense of freedom. I have built a beautiful house in Manali. I am not worried about the success and failure of my films. Whatever I achieve in my life from now onwards is an added bonus. I am always going to be remembered as the leading face of Indian cinema. After this nothing matters.

Talking about failures, you think this is the worst that can happen to you. With the failure of Rangoon, my worst fear came true. It should not happen to anyone, but if your worst fear comes true, you become fearless after that, because nothing worse than that can happen now. You feel a different kind of courage in yourself as now nothing can bring you down because you are already so down (laughs).

Q. You’re having such successful innings as an actress. How did you decide to venture into films?

A person should never forget what he set out to achieve in his life. Once you achieve all of that, what is next? You should always do something for the society. I want to do the same. I want to make films which help me communicate with the audience directly. As an actress, I was communicating with them indirectly. But now, I will communicate with them directly.

Kangana Ranaut Interview: Whenever I worked with established actors, results have been very poor!
Kangana Ranaut

Q. You are the only female star in the industry who is not working with the established actors. Is that a conscious decision on your part to not work with them?

Obviously! If I do a film wherein I devote my full time and my audience is also expecting from me, I will ensure that I do the lead role. When I did not do that in the past, I had to face poor results, be it with Katti Batti or Rangoon. Whenever I worked with established actors, results have been very poor.

Q. Do you ever regret missing out on big projects which went on to become blockbusters?

A. You don’t regret it. My films have also done great business. Many films which I didn’t do might have done great business, too. When these kinds of films come to you, you already know they would do good business. They aren’t films like Queen which become hit all of a sudden. You are mentally prepared for that when big projects come, but even then you let that go.

Q. Kangana, it’s always said that it’s very lonely at the top. Have you ever felt that because you are at the top of your game?

A. See, I feel if your family is with you and if some of your close friends are with you, then you don’t feel that way. I have some very close people in my life who I can share everything with, so I don’t feel lonely as such.

Q. Is there anyone from the film industry that you bank upon?

A. There are many people. Some of them might not support me openly, but they are there. They respect me. If need be, I can definitely ask for help from them.