Kriti Kulhari Interview: I don't want to do five films in a year; I am choosy!

In an interview, talented actress, Kriti Kulhari, talks about her upcoming film 'Indu Sarkar' and her experience working with National Award winning filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar.

By Mohnish Singh - July 22, 2017

Actress Kirti Kulhari does not need any introduction. After her exceptional performance in the award-winning film Pink, she has become a household now. The courtroom drama, without an ounce of doubt, was the turning point of her career and catapulted her to the league of top talents in Bollywood films. Bold and beautiful, Kirti is now gearing up for the release of another powerful film of her career, Indu Sarkar. In a candid chart with BollywoodMDB Reporter, Mohnish Singh, the actress spills beans over the movie, her character and much more. Read on...

Kriti Kulhari Interview: I don't want to do five films in a year; I am choosy!
Kriti Kulhari

Please tell us something about your character in the film.

I play the title role Indu Sarkar. She is an orphan who stammers and loves writing poetry. Her only dream is to get settled and she achieves all of that. She marries a man but, during the time of emergency, few events trigger the conflict. There is a clash of ideologies between her and her husband. In spite of everything falling apart, how she picks up the pieces and discovers a never seen side of herself is what forms the crux of the story.

You play a stammering poetess. How did you prepare yourself for this role?

Stammering is one of the most important parts of my character and also the film. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and observed their mannerisms. I met few psychologists to understand their psyche and their tendencies. I then met a speech therapist who gave a structure to my whole research. I had to maintain the consistency. So that’s how I made the character come alive on the screen.

What made you choose the film?

I don’t think I didn’t have any reason to not choose the film. I like to explore and I feel it’s very boring to repeat something. After Pink, I wanted to do something that is even more challenging. And this have everything in terms of subject, and everything that I could have ever asked for.

The film and its trailer invited a lot of flak from many corners. How did you handle the pressure mounting on you?

I didn’t have any kind of pressure because my director Madhur Bhandarkar is handling all of it. I am not feeling that pressurized. Things are getting hotter. I hope everything goes well.

After the courtroom drama Pink, which went on to garner widespread acclaim, this is another serious movie. Are you more inclined to serious stuff?

Of course not. After Indu Sarkar , I am doing a black comedy Raitha. I have concluded the shoot. I am serious about cinema and acting. It’s just that the actor just wants to do good work. I want to explore all kinds of work.

You seem to be quite choosy when it comes to films...

Of course, I am choosy! And I don’t want to do five films in a year.I want to do quality work. I feel if people see me in every second film, they will get bored of me. As an actor doing a film is a whole process for me.

You play a very grim character in the movie. How did you manage to resurrect yourself?

It’s not grim but yes the atmosphere is so, because the backdrop is that of emergency. It’s not that hard to get back to your character but then it’s really very hard to get into the skin of the character. It’s the process of creating an Indu Sarkar for you that takes time. Shooting is something where you are always thinking about the role. Going back to it again and coming out of it is what that seems exhausting.

How was is working with Madhur Bhandarkar?

He is a very non serious person. It was fun shooting and there was no pressure. He is a very spontaneous person. It was a very easy and stress free shoot. If I am confident about what I am doing, you don’t have any kind of inhibitions. Every director has a way of working and you have to adapt to it and vice versa. So I have to adapt to it.

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