Sanjay Dutt Interview: Bhoomi is an out-and-out commercial entertainer with a beautiful message!

In an interaction with BollywoodMDB, superstar Sanjay Dutt opens up about his upcoming film Bhoomi, the next instalment of the Munna Bhai film series and much more.

By Mohnish Singh - September 13, 2017

Known for doing heroic roles all through his career, Sanjay Dutt is making a comeback to films after a gap of 3 years. Last seen in an extended cameo in PK, he will next be seen in the forthcoming film Bhoomi wherein he plays a father whose daughter gets raped. Since it is going to be his first film post his release from jail, there is a tremendous buzz in the industry and among the fans of the superstar. BollywoodMDB Reporter, Mohnish Singh, recently met the actor to talk about the film and much more. The actor also spilt some beans on the much-awaited sequel of Munna Bhai series. Excerpts...

Sanjay Dutt Interview: Bhoomi is an out-and-out commercial entertainer with a beautiful message!
Sanjay Dutt

Q. The release of your film Bhoomi is just around the corner. How are you feeling? Are you nervous or excited? The trailer and songs of the movie have been lapped up by the audience very well. What should they expect from the film?

A. No, I am not feeling nervous as such. But, yes, it is true that people have appreciated the trailer and they are liking the songs as well. I just hope they like the film also. Everyone associated with the movie has worked really hard. We all have made a very good film. It's an out-and-out commercial entertainer with a beautiful message.

Q. There is a recently released film called Mom, which has a similar theme where a daughter goes through a lot of physical and mental trauma and the mother takes the revenge. Were there any thoughts at the back of the mind of the makers that there might be some undue comparisons with both the films?

A. See, I will tell you one thing that every film is compared to every other film everywhere in the world, right from the time when filmmaking started. The treatment of our film is different. The scenes are different. A father and daughter's bonding is a very very special bonding. A mother and son's bonding is a very special bonding, but a father and daughter's bonding is something else. This film has its own feel, its own content, its own support system and its own love story.

Q. What kind of similarities do you find between your reel and real life daughter?

A. Frankly speaking, I don't see any similarities at all. I never compare individuals. I am playing Arun Sachdeva and Aditi is playing Bhoomi. We played our respective characters as per the demand of the script.

Q. There is a scene in the film wherein Aditi's character dyes your hair. What were a father’s emotions during the scene?

A. Things like this happen in small towns. I remember when I was in jail, there was no good quality dye. There was this Godrej powder. Whenever I would use it, it would look like as if I had used asphalt on my face. Then, I stopped using it. Coming back to your question, it happens in small towns. If the man is not able to use dye properly, his wife helps him or his daughter helps him. This is a very common sight in small towns.

Sanjay Dutt Interview: Bhoomi is an out-and-out commercial entertainer with a beautiful message!
Sanjay Dutt

Q. Bhoomi is a very topical film considering today's time. Do you think that today our country is not safe for women compared to the time gone by?

A. Yeah, it is unsafe for women. It is unsafe for children also. You see what just happened in a school in Gurgaon. It is very shameful. It is very shameful that it happens in a school. He was just a 7-years-old child. We always keep reading about rapes and molestations. It's a bad thing. I think people should be educated enough. I believe in women empowerment. I believe in 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao'. I believe in 'Save the Girl Child'. I believe in non-violence against women. From my childhood to till now, I have always been surrounded by women, be it my mother, sisters, wife or daughters. I think we should take a step forward and these kinds of things should be condemned. And fast track of justice system should be put into place. The man who has killed this school kid will fight his case in a lower court, then upper court and the Supreme Court. Why? I think we need to look into it very seriously.

Q. Why things have become worst in the last three four years?

A. I don't know about last three-four years, but I remember when I was a kid, we would never hear such kind of horrific incidences. I don't understand what is happening now.

Q. Recently, senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was shot dead at her place. Do you think it's a murder of democracy in India?

A. I have no idea about that, but I feel sad that people are getting murdered like that, people who matter, people who are journalists. I just feel sad about it. I cannot do anything about it.

Q. You have so many close friends in the industry. Are you planning to hold a special screening of Bhoomi for them?

A. This you will have to ask my producers. I would love it to do, though.

Q. Long back you had done a film called Pitaah. Do you find any similarity between Pitaah and Bhoomi?

A. Like I said that every movie is compared to every other movie since the time movie industry started. There is this same father, the same mother, the same sons and daughters and the same villains. But how is going to the treatment of the film, scenes of the film and other important things make a film look different from others. So, you cannot really compare one film with the other.

Q. Do you think after playing a father in Bhoomi, you may get typecast?

A. I will tell you one thing that I am playing a character called Arun Sachdeva. I played Hrithik Roshan's father in Mission Kashmir, which is about 12 years old. So, I am just playing a character. My mother played a mother in Mother India when she was just 26 years old. Did she get all mother roles afterwards? No. We just play characters. Maybe in the next film, I may play Aditi's kidnapper (laughs).

Q. Is there any update on the next instalment of Munna Bhai series?

A. As far as I know from the conversations I have had with Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra, the film is still at the scripting stage. As soon as they finish the biopic (Sanjay Dutt Biopic), Raju Ji will himself start working on the script of the movie. I hope if God listens to your prayers, the film will be ready by next year.

Q. Will the film be based on the teaser of Munna Bhai Chale America which was released a couple of years back?

A. No, I don't think so, because I can't get an American Visa.

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