The Malkhan Singh Interview: There are only nine emotions. You put me in any of them, I'll do my best.

Actor Malkhan Singh is all psyched up to play Lord Shiva in Contiloe Pictures upcoming mythological show Vighnaharta Ganesha to be aired on Sony Entertainment Television.

By Mohnish Singh - August 9, 2017

Model-turned-actor Malkhan Singh, known for his role in the film Meeruthiya Gangsters, is happy to have bagged the role of Lord Shiva in the upcoming Hindi mythological show Vighnharta Ganesha, which is all set to start beaming soon. Blessed with an ideal height and amazingly sharp features, the actor looks pitch-perfect in the getup of Shiva. In an exclusive interview with BollywoodMDB Reporter, Mohnish Singh, Malkhan opens up about his role, his strengths and weaknesses and what is that one thing which he wants to change about himself. Here're excerpts from the interview.

The Malkhan Singh Interview: There are only nine emotions. You put me in any of them, I'll do my best.
Actor Malkhan Singh

You are playing the role of Lord Shiva in the show. How difficult or easy was it for you to get into the skin of your character?

It was not difficult at all but, at the same time, very difficult. I am extremely blessed that I am playing Lord Shiva in the show. I have been practising meditation and yoga since last so many years. It helped a lot while doing this show. So, I would say that I did not face any difficulty while playing Shiva on screen.

How did you bag this role?

I was doing a show with Contiloe Pictures called Maharaja Ranjit Singh. I was playing a warrior there, and somehow the producers liked me and my work and asked me to audition for the role of Lord Shiva. So, I did a mock shoot with them. Not one but three-four mock shoots, to be more precise. Producers liked them a lot. This is how I got this role.

Did you do any special preparation for this role?

As I mentioned I did a lot of meditation and yoga to improve the level of my concentration. I read a lot of books. I read a lot of books on Shiva, too. I have been following Shiva since last 20 years, I guess.

So you love reading about mythology?

No, I don't love reading about mythology. I love reading people more.

Tell us something about your beginning in the field of entertainment?

I started with modeling and then forayed into theater. So, all the money that I had been earning through modeling, I put that into theater. Later on, I did 6-7 theater shows which were hit and then I got this serial called Maharaja Ranjit Singh and now Vighnharta Ganesha.

It's said theater is a place where you can actually polish your acting skills. Do you think the same way?

Yes, exactly! You get calmness in theater. You get to learn about your body movements and postures. You get the confidence to face the audience. I come from countryside. The Hindi languages spoken in my area is totally different from that of other areas. Theater helps you boost your command over any language, be it Hindi, English or Urdu. I love theater for that part of it. I have been trained under the aegis of Mukesh Jadhav. He is a well-known Maharashtrian theater artist.

Where are you basically from?

Muzaffarnagar, U.P.

Share your experience working with your costars in the show?

All my co-stars are very good and dedicated. We all come on time on the sets, work together and love what we do. Uzair Basar, who plays Ganesha in the show, has a very smiley face. He is always busy remembering his lines. He is always focused. Akanksha Puri, who is playing Parvati, is also a very focused actress. Basant is also very good. He plays Kartikeya.

Now that you will devote most of your time to this show, so will modeling take a backseat for a while?

Yeah, of course. I stopped it four months back. Sorry, I did a commercial like three months back. But as far as print shoots and all are concerned, I quit it back in 2012.

Any crossover to films is on the mind?

Yeah! Why not?

What kind of roles you want to do in films?

Any kind of roles. There are only nine emotions. You put me in any of them, I will do my best.

Any particular director on the wish list that you want to work with?

Any director will do for me, who takes the best out of me.

Who inspired you to get into the entertainment field?

None other than Amitabh Bachchan Sir. I am also inspired a lot by Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

How easy or difficult was it for you to convince your parents about your acting dreams?

When I was in 9th standard, I told my parents that I wanted to go to Mumbai and become an actor. My mom and dad never had any issue with my career choice. There were some relatives who said this and that, but I hardly listen to them.

What have you studied in your graduation?

I have done BCA.

What is your strength as an individual?

I am invincible.

And your weakness?

I have turned all my weaknesses into my strengths.

When did you realize you have become famous?

Since the moment of my birth (laughs). I feel very fortunate to have come on this earth and that the God has given me the opportunity to play in this world.

Any particular thing that you want to change in your life?

I want to become calmer.

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