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Vishal Malhotra Interview: Tu Hai Mera Sunday encourages you to be the best version of yourself!

Vishal Malhotra Interview: Tu Hai Mera Sunday encourages you to be the best version of yourself!

In an exclusive interview with BollywoodMDB, renowned actor Vishal Malhotra opens up about his film Tu Hai Mera Sunday and much more.

By Mohnish Singh - October 4, 2017

Immensely talented Vishal Malhotra, who started his career as a child artist and then went on to appear in many popular television shows and successful films, is back to movies after a huge gap. His forthcoming film Tu Hai Mera Sunday, whose trailer has generated a stupendous response, is opening this weekend in theatres. As Vishal gears up for the release of his much-awaited movie, BollywoodMDB correspondent, Mohnish Singh, sits down with the actor for an exclusive interaction. Check out what Vishal has to say about his film, his future plans and so much more.

Vishal Malhotra Interview: Tu Hai Mera Sunday encourages you to be the best version of yourself!
Vishal Malhotra

Q. Brief us about your film Tu Hai Mera Sunday?

A. Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a film about five boys. They are going through various emotions, frustration in their lives. The only outlet they have to vent out their frustration of everyday life is the game of football, which they play on Juhu beach every Sunday morning. But, one day, they are asked to stop playing football there. Now, they are looking for a new place. In the search of finding a new physical space, they end up finding themselves. So, it is kind of a self-discovery film. Nowadays, everyone is copying everyone else. Everyone wants to be one another’s clones. But Tu Hai Mera Sunday encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

Q. You are returning to films after a huge gap. So, what was the reason being staying away from the arch light for so long?

A. I always feel that I have been punished for doing great work. I have been working in the industry for last 20 years. I have been involved with cult shows like Hip Hip Hurray, where I played the character of John. In the film Ishq Vishq, I played Mambo. I have played so many characters in my career. But the thing is that you get typecast even without realizing it. So, I think the industry punished me for my work and thought that I should stick to certain kinds of roles only.

I myself was frustrated with doing the same kind of roles over and again. I had this fear that the audience would get bored with me. So, I thought before my audience gets bored with me, let me take a break myself and wait for something concrete to come my way. After five years, I found a script which excited me to the core and I decided to do it. I am talking about Tu Hai Mera Sunday. The character which I am playing in the film is completely different from what I have played in my previous films.

Q. Did you have to go through an audition process?

A. Yes, I auditioned for the film. I worked hard on the look of the character. That is the reason I decided to get on with Tu Hai Mera Sunday. I am so proud of this film. This might be the proudest moment for me as an actor.

Q. How do you think the industry has changed in the past five years?

A. Over its head! Everything has changed over the last five years. Earlier, Television used to be the only competition to films. Now there is online. There is so much of cluster now. So many good as well as bad actors have joined the industry. Having said that, I feel it is an exciting transition phase for the industry. There is so much of innovation happening today.

I used to approach my roles in a certain manner before, but if I do the same today I feel lost despite the fact that I approach my role with the same kind of dedication and sincerity. I think the biggest change has happened behind the scenes. What happens before and after the release of the film has changed completely. Be it casting, editing, technology and promotions. But the worst thing that has happened in these many years is that the real hero has yet not emerged. Who is the real hero? Content. There are so many reputed banners in our country, but what are they making? I am very disappointed with the content of many films being made today.

Vishal Malhotra Interview: Tu Hai Mera Sunday encourages you to be the best version of yourself!
Vishal Malhotra

Q. Do you think comedy as a genre has yet not been fully exploited in our industry?

A. Not at all! I feel comedy is a genre which has been exploited beautifully more than any other thing. Comedy has been done very correctly at a lot of places. It has been given the great justification. I think the dark cinema, full with intensity, is pretentious. That is fake. Comedy is working the best in the industry. It is going places. Comedy is the need of the hour.

Q. Don’t you even think of doing a stand-up comedy show?

I do think of it. I will do it. Right now I am doing Tu Hai Mera Sunday and I have put everything into it.

Q. If you could play any other character in Tu Hai Mera Sunday, what would be that character?

A. I would try and play Nakul’s character. He plays a Parsi guy who is extremely frustrated with his boss. But I love my character a lot. My first choice is Dominic only.

Q. Apart from acting, is there any other area of filmmaking that you want to venture into?

A. I would love to foray into direction. And I will direct very soon. I promise you one thing that content will be the king in my directorial venture.

Q. What genre the film Tu Hai Mera Sunday falls under? Is it an emotional film, a relationship drama film or a film about friendship?

A. I think it is an imitation of life in an entertaining way. Everyone goes through certain ups and downs in life. Everybody feels happy at some time, depressed at the other. Our film talks about various emotions of life, but it is not a melodramatic film. We are not serving melodrama on the platter. People themselves are going through so much in their lives that we want when they come to see our film, they feel entertained. So, I cannot dub this film as a comedy. I cannot dub this film as a serious film. It is actually a slice-of-the-life film. We are showing the reality peppered with some mirch-masala.