15 March, 2013

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Banner : Next Gen Films, Eros International

Director : Sheershak Anand , Shantanu Ray Chhibber

Producer : Sunil A Lulla , Viki Rajani

Star : Neil Nitin Mukesh , Sonal Chauhan, Mrinalini Sharma

This film forms a supernatural thriller genre. This scare fest narrates the story of a person, who purchases 3G-enabled cell phone in Fiji with his lady love. Suddenly, he starts receiving mystifying phone calls from a woman. The further film dictates the future terrifying incidences with the man and his girlfriend.

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There are 4.3 Billion mobile phone users in the world. Every minute 60 thousand "Phantom Calls" are received worldwide. These calls have no known source of origin, no numbers and cannot be traced. Some ... More

3G movie review


By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Critic's Rating :

One Line Review: The movie is a failed attempt to horrify the audiences with a weak story line, mild thrills and develops too slowly.

Positive Points: Bright display of scenic locations of Fiji; a brave and fresh move to create thrill without the dark lighted night scenes unlike other movies of same genre; performances of all characters

Negative Points: Immature direction of photography; Story and script are too vague and goes haywire; no horrifying element; predictable suspense; too stretched screenplay; some violent scenes

Plot: This is a story about a romantically involved happy couple - Sam and ... full 3G Review


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