Aakhari Decision

Aakhari Decision

19 February, 2010 | 1 hrs 47 mins

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Director : Deepak Bandhu

Producer : A. Singh

Star : Amar Sidhu , Sumona Chakravarti, Anant Jog

Arjun is an assassin who works for Victor Chaku and operates on international level. Manasi is the love of his life and he wants to marry her. Manasi wants Arjun to quit his job as an assassin and start a new life. She approaches Victor for this. Victor gets agreed and even pay for their marriage but asks Arjun to perform one last assignment for him.

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Victor, is known as a lord in the world of crime. He hires Arjun as a contract murderer. Arjun was a kid, since then he has been living with Victor. Victor raised Arjun like a son, He ... More

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